Friday, July 4, 2008

More Emmi Pictures

Here are some more Emmi pictures for all the Aunts. Shanna's favorite baby part...feet. Emme has some big ones. :)I got to see her again yesterday at the hospital. She is a gem...barely cries. Although, she really doesn't have a chance to cry with the big line up of arms waiting to hold her. Caedmon wanted to make sure that he had his turn when we were there yesterday. He complained that he didn't get to hold her the first day. He's been asking lots of questions about how babies get into tummies. God puts them there, ok buddy? :) Proud Grandma
Here are her biggest fans...her brother & sisters. They made matching t-shirts to wear at the hospital that say "team emmi". So cute! On the back are their names with their birth order.

Emmi's coming home today just in time for our big 4th of July party & fireworks show tonight. Happy 4th!


Guatmama said...

Love the shirts - they are awesome! Just like to Proughs. So glad the cousins are loving her too. Next from Caedmon - how do God put them there, mom?

heather said...

Those shirts are so cute. And wow great pictures of the new baby!!! I love the one of the wrinkled feet. I just love that new-born stage. Yummy! You'll be next Sherri! :)