Saturday, March 20, 2010

baby likes to swing

Baby's first swing ride. {you giggled and smiled and kicked your feet}
Spring 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye

We said goodbye to a very special Grandma on March 13th...She went to be with Jesus suddenly on March 7th in Florida at the home of her daughter Wilma. It still is so hard to believe that we will not see her smiling face and feel her warm hugs again until we get to heaven.

I thought Kevin said it well on facebook, the day we found out about her passing....

"Remembering my maternal Grandmother Lydia as she joined Jesus today at age 86. What a blessing she was to many and an instrumental part of my youth. She taught me the importance of a relationship with Christ, a close family and a strong marriage. Most importantly, she modeled all these things on a daily basis, continually serving others."

February 2004 - Great Grandma & Grandpa G. with Caedmon - one month

March 2009 - snuggle time with Great-Grandma G. & Kaiya - age three

October 2009 - Great-Grandma G. with Luca Bella - two months old
During a break at the viewing when not many people were in the room with the casket, some of the great-grandchildren were running around the room in front of great-grandma's casket. Two of them were mine :)...I quickly quieted them down and reprimanded their running inside...especially at an occasion such as this! My cousin Greg was there also and said it well... that he thought it was fitting to see and hear the little ones being themselves right next to Great-Grandma and how that's just how she would have loved it. She so adored her grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

~I loved seeing her love and hold my children.
~I loved her patience with my she is with Kaiya. Kaiya was fascinated with all the sewing stuff that day. Great-grandma gave Kaiya her own fabric, scissors and thread/needle. Kaiya loved it!
~I loved how she made us each feel like we were her favorite grandchild or great-grandchild.
~I loved how she helped me with applesauce, quilting baby quilts and sewing project advice.
~I loved how she encouraged me as a mom each time I saw her.
~I loved her gentle honesty and convictions.
~I loved her commitment and love of her family.
~I loved her cookies.
~I loved spending time with her and grandpa in Florida.
~I loved her hugs and the excitement she always showed when we would see her.
This was in March 2009 in Florida when we stayed with them. This was our last morning in Sarasota when we were getting ready to leave to spend a few days in Orlando. Grandma packed little surprises for the kids (in Kaiya's hand) and even for Kevin and I. She put two reader's digest magazines in a bag along with some chocolates. She always put so much thought into things like that. I will miss that.

A sad rainy day.
Grandma's funeral brought family home from far and wide. What a blessing to get to see our niece and nephews from Alabama again. We all stayed at Kevin's parents house for the weekend...what joy!Aunt Joyce and Luca Bella.
Kevin's brother was able to come home from Costa Rica as well. We were overjoyed to soak up time with him, but missed the rest of his family terribly.

What a guy! He was such a blessing to us over the weekend. He rode with us to and from family events throughout the weekend and helped so much with the kids, carrying the car seat countless times. Thanks, Krista, for loaning him to us.
A true joy in the midst of the sorrow was to have family come together.
Great-Grandchildren Grandchildren
Siblings with spouses
Quotes of the day:
Great-Grandma's death and funeral became a teachable moment for our two oldest children. It really got them thinking about life and death...and it sparked alot of questions and cute comments.

Caedmon: "When I die and go to heaven, will my hair go with me?"

Kaiya: "Luca is thinking about you, mom. That's why she has tears, because she's thinking about you when you get old and die."

a couple weeks later...
Kaiya: "I'm going to cry, mom, when you're a grandma and die."

Friday, March 12, 2010

shooting hoops

Your very first year of being on a basketball team was a fun memory. Playing sports is definitely a love of yours and you seem to have a natural talent. You learned a lot this to guard, how to pass, how to make a better basket...but most of all, how to play with a team and all the lessons that go along with that...sharing the ball, listening to your coach and congratulating others successes.
Your energy amazes me sometimes. You seem to have an extra supply. It was a joy to watch you play...not making many baskets at the beginning of the season, but not giving kept trying. And then toward the end of the season, seeing the look on your face when you made basket after basket...we're so proud of you!

Quote of the day:

Caedmon to Luca: I'll never stop loving you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

six months

Six months old and sitting up like a big girl.You are much more content to sit and play with toys. Your hair has grown a little more. It looks like it's going to be blonde.

Who's that other girl starring at me?
You haven't been sick all winter, but this month you got bronchitis with an ear infection. It took two trips to see the doctor before you began to get better again. Your sickness has been causing you to get up at's been a tiring month for your mama....but she would do anything for that sweet little face (and with the Lord's help!). :)At your six month doctor appointment you weighed 17 pounds and 12.5 ounces. You were 25 1/4 inches.You like and need your sleep....usually two 2-3 hour naps a day. You nap well. You've dropped your late evening nap and are ready for bed by 7:30.
You laugh and smile when mommy dances and sings to you. You clap your feet when lying on your back. You are afraid of the sweeper and get a very worried look on your face when mommy turns it on...sometimes bursting into full blown tears. :(
You sit with mommy and daddy in church...usually taking your morning nap during the sermon. You smile and laugh when mommy bounces you during the worship singing. You love music.

You have two teeth. You get a lot of attention at the grocery store from all the little old ladies and some grandpas too. One time when Grandma S. was shopping with mommy and holding you, an old man kept following her around the store. He couldn't resist your cute little face. Grandma was getting a little concerned. :) Ok, mama...that's enough pictures already!