Friday, July 30, 2010

ultrasound day

I've had two ultrasounds up to this point...each one was an amazing gift and proof that there really is a little life growing inside me. Each time I felt like it wasn't me lying there, but someone else. As I anticipated the next ultrasound, I had butterflies in my stomach. This was a biggie...more detailed. They would be checking the baby more closely...looking for abnormalities or possible complications. This would be when we could find out the sex of the baby if we wanted to. It was so much to absorb and anticipate....extreme excitement and deep concern and longing that all would be OK. All mixed together, these thoughts can stir up a variety of emotions.
The day had finally arrived. Kevin was with me. I was pretty quiet and reserved the whole morning. And then there on screen is our baby...looking so much bigger than the previous ultrasounds. We can see a little nose, eyes, ears, tiny toes, legs moving and kicking, fingers wiggling around and popping in a little mouth to be sucked on...a tiny heart beating. Amazing...absolutely amazing to see God fearfully and wonderfully knitting together this tiny little miracle. And then, the ultrasound tech quickly searched down by the legs to see if we would be adding a little boy or a little girl to our family. She said it was quite obvious as you can see. :) Kevin and I immediately broke out in a joyous laughter and the tears began to flow. Another son, would join this family of ours...a son.Sharing the news with the kids was quite an excitement. Kaiya thought it was a girl and Caedmon was really hoping for a boy. I love the look on his face when he hears the news for the first time.

Coming December 2010...Another boy will enter this family and we are ready to welcome him with open arms.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

milwaukee fun

A favorite time of year comes at the end of July...the annual Northwestern Company meetings in Milwaukee. This year we decided to only take the two oldest kiddos. So hard to leave Luca behind, but she was in very good hands with Grandma B.

Here we are early morning on race day ready for the 5K. This would be the first year without a stroller in the race...Kaiya insisted. She did ok, but daddy had to carry her part of the way. Her comment at the end of the race was that next year she is using the stroller. :)

I felt great through the whole race. I've been walking at home so three miles really wasn't a big deal. Right at the end of the race Kevin and Caedmon decided to run the rest of the way to the finish line...Kaiya and I would walk the rest of the way. They took off...I could still see them running ahead when I got a sharp pain in my back and across my abdomen. It got pretty intense that I had to stop and rest. I had Kaiya with me and tried to breath through the pain and relax, but it didn't go away. Finally, I decided to start walking again and try to make it to the end so I could get some help from Kevin. Thankfully the pain left as I continued walking and by the time I made it to Kevin it was completely gone. We had another mile to walk back to our hotel...I took it slow and was feeling ok again. Kevin decided to go on ahead because he needed to get showered and make it to a meeting shortly....he would meet me back at the room.

Here it is again...just Kaiya and I. We made it to the hotel fine and while waiting for the elevator, here comes the pain again...I stood there for a bit and realized that I needed to lay down very was getting very intense. So we took the seven flights. By the time I made it back to our room, I was in tears...the pain was so intense and would not go away. It came two more times after that throughout the day and finally stopped by the end of the day. I called the dr. on call and she assumed they were contractions which my doctor later told me they were not. She thought I just had overdone myself.

Later that evening and feeling much the sea lion show on Zoo Picnic Day.
I usually have a stroller and a child to look after that's too small for this ride. So I usually happily observe and take pictures from below. This year, everyone was big enough and we were I went. Didn't enjoy the ride so much...worried about someone falling off let along getting off and on the ride safely. Whew...glad to be on the ground again when that was over. It's always a joy to hang out with these dear friends. Great faces here.
Lots of games for the kiddies to enjoy...including the big kid.
Taken outside the Dairy Barn at the Zoo.Day three was museum day.This year we checked out one we haven't been to yet...the aquarium was a hit with the kids.
Caedmon wanted me to take his picture with the puffer honor of Jake. :)
They also has a cool "touching" area where you could touch some of the stingrays and other fish. My kids were too afraid to touch...and well, I didn't really want to touch the things either. I'm sure it would have been a different story if dad wouldn't have been there.Dinner out with friends...we got to eat outside on that beautiful evening. Day four - waterpark fun And a Keith Urban concert that evening.A very fast-paced week, but packed with tons of fun once again!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

potato creek

We went camping at potato creek state park with my parents. It was hot, but the Lord provided the perfect spot with big tall shade trees that made it feel just perfect. This was Luca's first camping experience. She did great. She loved all the bike riding we did. So much, that she fell asleep.The kids and Daddy cooled off in the Lake...
...while mama got some sunshine on her big belly.Kaiya met a new friend on the beach.I enjoyed talking with her grandmother about adoption and sharing our story. We get a lot of looks and questions these days...having children that are obviously adopted, an almost one-year-old baby and a growing belly. We love our family that has been put together so uniquely and wonderfully in God's perfect timing!

We did a lot of this...
relaxing, reading and napping.
Caedmon kept asking if he could go inside the camper and I wouldn't let him because Luca was napping. I didn't realize that he was tired and just wanted to lay down. He finally gave up and went to sleep on the rug on the rocks in front of the camper.Looks nice and comfy...not really...amazing that he can sleep like that! I appreciated and enjoyed having my parents along so much...they are so willing to help. Loved the talks around the campfire, the long walks on the trails and the memories made with the kids.

Camping is should try it sometime. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

blueberry eyes

We packed a picnic supper...and spent the evening as a family at the blueberry patch. Kaiya was spending the week with Grandma B. at bible school. This little man wasn't so sure about how fun this would be. He complained a bit until daddy made it into a little competition.
Then his bucket filled up quickly and he was proud of all that hard work.
Baby blueberry eyes helped eat the blueberries.
We LOVE much that we picked 27 1/2 pounds!

Baby blueberry eyes loves blueberries.

Friday, July 9, 2010

the fourth

The fourth has come and gone once again this year. It's a favorite holiday of out the joys of summer to their fullest and making memories that last a lifetime. Here's what we did... campfire nights with sparklers, fireworks & roasted marshmallows on the sidecamp outs on the trampoline
late-night fireworks shows in the park
with pony rides too
Baby's first 4th of July
she liked the pretty fireworks
family picnics with cousins...and more fireworksAnd tired babies who had too many late nights...I love the fourth. :)

My pregnancy is continuing to go pretty smoothly...I'm still in shock and awe. Here's a three-month belly shot for all those that have been asking. :)
Baby is ten months old. The other evening our family just sat around and we were completely entertained by this little girl. She seemed to know we were all laughing at her which made her act even sillier. I just love her laugh...especially when daddy kisses and tickles's that sweet. We've taught her how to say "hi". She does it on her own terms cracks me up when all of a sudden out of the blue she will say it in her sweet little voice. The other day at the pool she said hi to a little two-yr. old boy. And last night when we arrived at my parents to drop her off for babysitting, a sweet little hi came out of her mouth as soon as we walked in the door and she saw everyone sitting around the table. Daddy has taught her to say "hi dadadada". She stands on her own and has taken a couple steps. She loves exploring her world. She opens kitchen cabinets and finds all kinds of treasures inside. She's more content playing with pots and pans instead of her baby toys. She tries to copy things we do like wave bye-bye, dance and shake her head from side to side. She's learning to sign please.