Thursday, December 23, 2010

just in time for Christmas

Introducing Deacon Liam. Born on December 18th and weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces...measuring 21 and a half inches.
Just in time for Christmas.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

milk jug expiration dates

When you start seeing your due date on the milk jug, you know it's getting close.
I remember checking milk jug expiration's for our other three kids due dates as well. Every little thing is exciting as it gets closer and closer.I've been packing for the past several weeks...and repacking...and adding things here and there. It hit me when I saw this was around this exact time two years ago that we were all packed, ready and waiting to go to Florida to pick up our baby....and we waited and we waited. And then we unpacked...and put everything back in the drawers where they belonged...we didn't get to go.And God had an amazing plan that we would get sweet Luca Bella just eight short months later. We could see why things happened the way they did then and how God worked everything together for our good and blessed us immeasurably...then God had another surprise for us that we found out just seven months later.My final pregnancy photo and TODAY I go in to give birth to my son. Can't wait to see him in his bassinet.

Monday, November 15, 2010

eight months

Eight months and counting. This month was a flurry of activity. I took nesting up a and organizing everything! Kevin just laughed at me. I felt the need to stock everything up...let's just say we have enough toilet paper to last a very long time. :) I've also been cooking up a storm...putting extra leftovers in the freezer for later when I don't have the time or feel like cooking. I also wanted to get all the Christmas preparations ready and done by Thanksgiving...Christmas decorations up, Christmas cards sent, presents wrapped and under the tree, stockings stuffed, menus planned and pretty little Christmas dresses ready and waiting to be worn on Christmas Sunday. We took a Lamaze class one night a week for three weeks during this time. It was fun to experience and Kevin even enjoyed himself I think. :) Thirty-five week ultrasound showed a growing baby boy with chubbier cheeks. I also took a breastfeeding class on a Saturday and the very next Sunday we took the kids to a sibling class at the hospital.
They got to put diapers on their own babies that they brought along.
They made a craft and we toured the hospital. The snacks along the tour were definitely a highlight. It was fun for them. Here they are with their "Big Brother and Big Sister" certificates for completing the class.

Quote of the day:

On the way to taking Kaiya to her ballet class, Kaiya noticed all the Christmas decorations at the homes we passed.

Me: What else is going to happen at Christmas this year?

Caedmon & Kaiya (with much excitement): Our baby brother will be born!!

Kaiya: ...and mommy's going to explode!!

Then she breaks into song to the tune of Jingle Bells "Mommy explode, mommy explode, Mommy's going to explode!"

Friday, November 5, 2010

not the baby anymore

Soon she won't be the baby anymore. She still needs her mama though. I love how cuddly she is...the most of all my children. Her big around the neck squeezes just melt my heart.We've seen her grow up so much just in the past few weeks...understanding our instructions and acting so big. She's doing better in the nursery at church...still crying when we drop her off, but settles down much sooner. This is one of her Christmas gifts I put together for her. A church nursery bag. She doesn't need such a big diaper bag anymore...just a place for a couple diapers, a drink and a few toys. No, I didn't make it. I found it at Hobby Lobby for 7.99 and with a 40 percent off coupon that took it down to a mere 4.79. I literally turned around in the same isle and spotted the embroidery letters that I easily ironed on. After ironing them on, I decided to stitch around them for extra durability. Then I looked online for a pattern and made a diapers and wipes holder to go inside. A couple of diapers and a wipes container tuck nicely inside and the pouch fits perfectly in her little church bag.Add a cup, a few toys and she's ready for church with her new big girl bag.

Monday, October 25, 2010


The kids have been in school several weeks now and we're settled into our weekly routine. When looking back through photos, I realized I didn't post about their official first day. This was the night before school started...a night the kid's talk about and anticipate throughout the whole year. Our backwards supper night and only night when dessert comes first. Even baby cakes got in on the deal having no idea why...but certainly enjoying it.
Early risers that first day...excited and ready to go.
Kaiya started Pre-K this year. She goes everyday for half of the day. She absolutely LOVES school and is sad when the weekends come around because she'd rather be at school.
Don't ask me why I get a backpack shot on the first day of's just a crazy mother thing I guess. Her teacher, Mrs. Rose, is a jewel and Kaiya adores her. I didn't cry when sending Kaiya to school like I did for Caedmon when he started a couple years ago. I knew she was ready I grown up and excited.
Caedmon started first grade this year. He took a big jump academically over the summer. We worked consistently with a workbook his Kindergarten teacher gave us through the summer and it helped him tremendously.
Mrs. Witmer has been a fun and excellent teacher for Caedmon this year. I appreciate her desire to see him grow and to challenge him. I also appreciate how well she communicates with us...keeping us informed of ways we can help him succeed. Spelling tests started this year. I was envisioning long hours and late nights of our delightful surprise, we have a star-speller. I'm so thankful that it is almost an effortless task for him to get an A+ every week on his tests. His strengths this year are reading, spelling and verse memorization. Math has been more of a struggle and he has to work a lot harder at it...that has been where the long hours of practice have come into play. We're proud of the strides he is making.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

six and a half

He's six and a half...almost seven. He's a deep thinker...sensitive. When he was two, I thought he would be the strong-willed child. It turned out he was just being a boy and really has a pretty soft and sensitive heart. He likes people, but it takes him longer to warm up and talk to others he doesn't know very well. He loves it when the family is all together. He likes to play by himself and can spend hours in his room building some amazing Lego structures.He's been so sweet through my excited, asking lots of questions and talking to his baby brother. He loves to draw and has made books for me and Kevin. Books about when I deliver the baby at the hospital and books of him with daddy going hunting.

He made these praying hands at church and was supposed to draw pictures of things he would like to pray for. He chose to pray for his mom with the new baby growing in her belly and his church.Here's a closer look at the drawing of me with baby inside. I love it!He keeps us laughing. I love his sense of humor and joy. He's loud...very loud. :) Funny how his personality is such a mixture of quiet sensitivity and loud excitement at the same time. I love how God designs us all so unique.He loves sports. Loves watching football with his dad. He played on a team this Fall. He did great...scoring several touchdowns at each game.

He plays well with his sisters, well not always. He likes to tease, which causes little girlys to squeal.
He loves to read...especially books about animals. He knows all kinds of facts about animals that Kevin and I don't know. It amazes me when I think back to last year...reading did not come easy for him and it was a challenge to make him practice. He made huge progress over the summer and now his teacher tells us she has to make him put books down at school.

I love this boy that is quickly growing into a young man. So proud of him.