Monday, February 22, 2010

Riviera Maya with my Valentine

Well, here they finally of our romantic get away vacation that we took a couple weeks ago. It really feels like it was all a dream and I just sit here and smile when I think about the wonderful sweet memories of this trip that we felt so blessed to be a part of.

It certainly wasn't an easy week getting ready to go though. I've never left any of my children as young as Luca...only five months little and still needing me so much. It was hard...very hard. Kevin earned this trip through work and we had it planned before we knew our sweet little baby girl would be born. What made it even harder was that I had to take two out of three kiddos to see the doctor two days before leaving. Caedmon and Luca had ear infections and bronchiolitis and came home with three medications each. I was very close to calling the whole thing mom told me to go. And what a wonderful blessing she and my mother-in-law were to keep our children for us while we were gone. Caedmon and Luca stayed with my mom and Kaiya stayed with Kevin's mom. Thanks to my sweet cousin, Heather, for keeping Kaiya overnight one night as well.

After getting everyone packed, school schedules, feeding schedules, basketball schedules and medicine schedules written down and organized, my head was starting to spin...I was ready to get out the door and on my way to relaxation!! So out the door I went with the kids....a little teary eyed, but ready to drop them off at my mom's and meet Kevin to drive to Chicago. We made it to the end of the lane...barely, with snow blowing and drifting across our driveway. I stopped and my mouth dropped open when I saw that the end of our drive was completely drifted shut. I knew that if I backed up I would get stuck as well. So there we sat...and prayed. I called Kevin and he was on his way to help when our neighbor drove by and noticed me sitting there helpless. He had a big 4x4 truck and made tracks for me to get out. Thank you Lord and thank you kind neighbor. From that point on everything was smooooooth sailing.

We arrived in Mexico on Thursday, February 11th. Our hotel picked us up at the airport in this limo. Champagne and cold scented washcloths were waiting for us inside...I could get used this really fast! There were several of these beautiful birds that would squawk "hola" at us while we were walking around our resort. :) It was fun getting up close...but, not too close. This picture was taken right after Kevin got his finger chomped on. Ouch!
We took a 20 minute boat trip to a small Mexican town called Puerto Morelos. I loved exploring this little town, mingling with the people a bit... ...and doing some shopping at the market. All that mingling and shopping made me have to go...if you know what I mean. I asked like four or five people where I could use the "bano". They pointed and spoke Spanish that I didn't quite understand. By this time I really had to go. When I finally found it, I had to pay 5 pesos...I think that's like .40 cents. I was happy to pay. Too bad the toilet didn't have a seat though. :(We ate fabulous tacos at a tiny little restaurant where the bano was.
The kitchen where our fabulous tacos were prepared.Our room...with maid service three times a day.The last maid service of each day included turn down service with tiny little flowers spread across the bed and robes and slippers laid out for each of us.The doors behind us open up to a balcony overlooking the ocean.Kids?...what kids?

No seriously, I was thankful that international calls were included with our stay. I think I called home three or four times on the first day there. :) I cut it back to twice a day after that. The bathroom.bathtubAnd even ribbon-tied toilet paper...seriously...I couldn't get over all the little surprises this place had around every corner. So fun.
I think one of the very best parts of this place was how very quiet it was. This was off one of our balconies. I loved laying out here in the morning sunshine and listening to the waves from the ocean.
One of the highlights while we were there was when Kevin and I would sit out on this balcony and just talk. Talk without any interruptions...about goals for ourselves, our family, our marriage, our spiritual lives. So refreshing...definitely a highlight!

Photos at the resortMy favorite part of the vacation...gettin' some sunshine and enjoying the poolside service...endless drinks, cold washcloths, snacks...all without moving a muscle...this was really a struggle. :)We took a two hour van trip to visit the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico. I admit, I was hesitant to go and miss out on the poolside sunbathing...but, I was glad we went. What amazing history we learned that day about the Mayan culture...their intelligence was quite incredible. And the views were breathtaking.Part of our group went to the ruins...Spike & Ann, Steve & Wanda, Randy & Deb and Kevin and I.Room service 24 hours a day...what's better than dessert? Dessert in bed. :)Valentine's DayThis is sure going to be hard to top...the Valentine's day of my dreams!These "beds on the beach" were kind of hilarious and yet quite romantic too. There were three or four on our beach and the curtains could be pulled for privacy. :) Our dinner was at a restaurant right at the resort. We had a great table with an incredible view of the pool. All my senses were quite pleased that night...the sights, sounds, tastes & touches. There were three amigos singing and playing guitars serenading us during dinner. The meal was a special red Valentine meal. I loved everything...strawberry soup, salad, herb crusted salmon, sorbet for the palate cleanser and a red raspberry dessert. Each course was presented with an explanation and a bow.
An unforgettable evening Kevin getting his complimentary massage.Our last day was probably the most gorgeous day we had...a good note to leave on.Yoga class on the docksMr. Iguana came by for a visit while we were lounging at the pool.One last meal at the outdoor restaurant...they had a woodfire grill that smelled fabulous and made the food taste amazing...reminded me of Carrabba's.Our last lunch before packing up and flying home. Wish I could pack up this view and take it home with me too. Kevin and I both commented many times a day that we felt so blessed to be here and experience this beautiful place. Many happy memories!