Thursday, July 24, 2008

Milwaukee Annual Meeting 2008

Wow, what a trip we had to Milwaukee these past few days. This was our fifth year to go to the Northwestern Annual Meeting in Milwaukee. We always look forward to it and it's so family friendly which is such a blessing. We left on Saturday morning, stopped by the Jelly Belly Factory on the way there and arrived in Milwaukee early evening. Here's a video glimpse at some of the fun...


I got sick right before coming home and by the time we walked in the door, I had a fever and was aching all over. Kevin sent me to the couch and he and the kids unpacked everything. Thank you, honey! You are amazing!

As I was laying on the couch in pain it was so sweet to hear the kids saying their prayers that night with Daddy before bed. They prayed for mommy to feel better and after Caedmon thanked God that we could go to Milwaukee, he broke out in tears...he was so sad that he had to leave Milwaukee and come home. I told him that we will go again next year and that seemed to help, but then I realized the next morning that his sense of time isn't quite right yet. When he woke up, he thought we would be going back again that day. On the way home he asked Kevin how much longer we had to get home to which Kevin replied "two more hours"...a few minutes later Kaiya asked how much longer and Caedmon replied "two more weeks". Thankfully it didn't take that long!

Well, I'm feeling a little better today. The fever is gone, but I haven't been able to eat more than a couple crackers and a little chicken noodle soup. My mom was so sweet to drop off the soup this afternoon along with supper for my family tonight and cookies and cinnamon rolls. Thanks Mom! I don't care how sick I am, I couldn't resist eating a roll even though I was in pain from it was worth it! :)


heather said...

Sherri, I need your help on making videos. You do such a great job!!! Loved seeing what you did on your trip. And wow there were alot of big names there. The indoor water park looked like tons of fun. What great memories.

Hope you feel better soon. :) Glad it didn't hit you on the trip.

Nicole said...

Sherri what a fun trip! I am glad you had so much fun! Hope you are feeling better! It is never easy when mom is sick :) It has been a long time since I have checked many blogs and I was happy to see an awesome update!!

Julie said...

Looked like an awesome trip!! Sorry you got sick :-( but glad you are feeling better now. Thanks for sharing all the fun photos!!

Cottonista said...

Owen loves it when you post videos! Looks like a whole bunch of fun.

I agree, homemade cinnamon rolls are worth the price!

krista said...

Wow, Sherri, so glad to see what you did on your trip. That looked great! I understand why Caedmon wanted to go back right away. What a great time to be together. And you have to go every year!