Wednesday, July 2, 2008

VBS 2008

This was Caedmon's very first year to attend Vacation Bible School. When I talked with him about it the week before, he wasn't very interested at fact, he flat out said he did not want to go. Maybe they should rename it to Vacation Bible Jam or Bible Party Camp because that was more what it was like. The music was awesome and it felt like we were at a concert. Here's a little video clip of one of the songs.

It sure has changed since I was a little girl. I knew it wouldn't take Caedmon long to realize that this was going to be a pretty fun week.
Caedmon & Dawson on crazy hair night

Our whole family was involved this year. I was in charge of a four-year-old class that included Caedmon and was so happy to get a front row seat of his first experience with bible school. I especially loved hearing him ask so many interesting questions during bible time. So fun to see him interacting with others and hear what's going on in that little head of his. Bible Story Time
Kevin was one of three other helpers for our group. We were basically just in charge of getting our kids to the different activities including crafts, bible time, snack, recreation and music...and helping them when needed. It was so easy, and so much fun! Kaiya came along as well since our class was smaller and she fit right in with the others. She loved it! Each night had an extra little theme to make it even more fun.
Tuesday - Crazy Hat Night
Wednesday - Crazy Hair Night
Thursday - Crazy Socks Night
Friday - Matching T-shirt NightCelebrating crazy hair night with my crazy friends Jayne and Nicole


heather said...

Sherri, Where is your crazy hair??? :)

Cute video of the kids jammin'!! Looks like they had a great time. What a huge week for you guys. :)

Sherri said...

Heather, If you look real close you will see a braid sticking straight up on top of my head. :)

Is that crazy enough for you?