Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Twelfth Anniversary Weekend

On Father's Day morning, we got a call from my mother-in-law that Kevin's Dad had just had emergency surgery that morning to remove his appendix. Not the Father's Day present he was expecting I'm sure...he spent most of the next week in the hospital recovering. Caedmon had lots of questions about Grandpa that week..."Did he have a heart hole?" "Does he still talk?" "Are we having a funeral?" "Well, for crying out loud!". So funny what goes through the mind of a four-year-old. He was released from the hospital that Thursday and thankfully we didn't have a funeral. We picked up pizzas on our way to see him and to help with yard work on Friday. These pictures were taken that night. You'd think I would have gotten a picture of the injured, but I guess the kids eating their ice cream that night stole the show. Sorry Dad.
Our plans for that weekend were originally to leave the kids with Kevin's parents and celebrate our anniversary (just the two of us) with a nice quiet dinner and an overnight at a nice hotel in South Bend. With dad just getting home from the hospital, it was just too much to expect them to take the kids. So we cancelled those reservations and made new reservations at the inn at Pokagon State Park for the whole family. I always love going there...a beautiful place! We loaded up our bikes and left Saturday afternoon. It poured and stormed the whole way there, so after settling our things in our rooms, we headed to the indoor pool and hot tub. After an hour or so it cleared up very nicely for the rest of the evening and we biked all over the park. It was soooo nice! We rode through all the campgrounds and the smell of the campfires really gave me the fever to go camping. On Sunday morning (our anniversary) we took a hike to Hell's Point. Kaiya wasn't feeling so well...she had a cough and constant run to her nose, so it was a little rough for her.
A long climb, but worth the view at the top. Poor Kaiya, just not feeling like herself. After our hike, it was time to hit the beach.
It doesn't matter how bad this girl feels...if she's in the water, everything is great.It really ended up being a wonderful family weekend after I got past my disappointment of our changed plans. After tucking the kids in bed that night we lit some candles, had some sparkling juice and a wonderful time talking on the couch and relaxing together. We have so much to be thankful for...twelve years of memories together. Spending that day making memories with our whole family is what it's all about. I loved it and I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!


Nicole said...

Man great minds do think alike :) Actually I got the Pokagen idea from you my dear!! Congrats on your new nephew! I totally forgot to ask you about your trip last week so I am glad you blogged it! I am also glad it stopped raining for you guys to enjoy the outdoors! And you go girl looking all cute in your bikini!! :)

heather said...

I've been missing out on all these new posts! WOW, you've been busy! Sorry of the changed plans. I really wish you would've brought the kids here instead of Grandma and Grandpas and kept your reservations in South Bend. Next time....o.k.?

But it looks like you had a good time at Pokagen. I'm the same way about plans changing-it's hard to get past your expectaions. Kids help with that. :) Great pics.