Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome Home Picnic

On Saturday evening we attended a welcome home picnic for our cousins, Chad & Jenny, who recently made it back from China. We had requested prayer for them earlier this year during the earthquake that occurred in the area where they were living. It was great to see them in person and give them hugs. Quite amazing to hear about their experience and survival...something they will remember forever I'm sure. Babies are everywhere it seems these days. This one is sweet little three month old Judson, son of our cousins Craig & Rachel. He sure is a cutie! And in this picture Arlene is getting close to her due date in three weeks. Next in line is Jenny who has to wait until November.Girly cousins - Arlene, Jenny, Me, Heather, Sarah & Rachel

Matthew, Kaiya, Suzanna & Lincoln

The kids had fun riding bikes, swinging, blowing bubbles & taking wagon rides. So fun to see all the littlest cousins playing and interacting together.

Here's another one of my sweet blog sister's, Heather, who faithfully reads my blog and leaves me nice comments too. :) Love ya, Heather!

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heather said...

Sherri, I'm so glad you helped inspire me to start a blog! :) It's so much fun.

What a great party Saturday night. Glad you guys could come up. :) Kaiya and William make quite a pair. All kinds of silliness was taking place at that table when they were eating supper.

Love ya too.