Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stutzman Fall Party on the Farm

We recently attended a Fall Party in honor of Indiana Senator Marlin Stutzman where he announced his intention of running for U.S. Senate. In the past couple of years Kevin and I have taken more interest in the political venue. There are so many moral and financial issues our country is facing right now and we feel it is important to support those running for office that want to carry our values and morals on to Washington. This was a great party and so kid-friendly. Loved the environment and feel of this beautiful farm...what a beautiful evening.

Caedmon on the obstacle course.
One of Caedmon's first words as a baby was "tractor". I love this picture.Here is Marlin and his wife Christy making the official announcement to run for U.S. Senate against Evan Bayh. What fun we're having with our third child...a joy to take her on family outings. She's a bundle of sweetness right now.

Watch for Kevin twice in this video. =)

Go Marlin!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

cute as a cupcake

Kaiya turned four on September 25th. Breakfast birthday waffles
Her birthday was the same day as Caedmon's jog-a-thon and carnival at school, so part of the day was spent there.

Dad got to visit Caedmon's classroom in the morning and watch him jog. I brought the girls for the carnival later.

Kaiya chose to go to a movie that night. We went to a theater that has a restaurant right in the theater. You watch the movie while you're being served food. It was the kids first time there and they loved it!
We had a birthday picnic the following Sunday at Pokagon.

So thankful for the beautiful day and the awesome family that joined us!

This little girlie was super excited about her cupcake party! Grandma S. made the cake. Kaiya, you are one of a kind hearted and loving. You have a sweet spirit and a giving heart. You are mommy's love to help me. You follow me around and love to do what I'm doing. Whenever I start running water for dishes, you quickly pull up a chair to help. You are eager to help with the baking and cooking also. You ask to have macaroni and cheese for lunch almost everyday. Whenever I ask you to get something for me, your reply is always "sure". You have been a wonderful "big" sister and I''m so glad that you and Luca have each other to grow up with. You tell me you love me several times a day. You like to sing and dance and make up cute little songs. You are learning to write your name and know a lot of your letters and shapes. I love you, sweet daughter of mine!
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!Luca Bella - 5 weeksCousin Maci, the texting queenEmmi Klair and Luca BellaCupcake jammies from Grandma B.Quote of the day:
Kaiya: "When I'm a grown-up, I'm gonna eat hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and buy stuff that's not on sale."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

one month

You're one month old already! So hard to believe. You've smiled for the first time officially now. You still wear a few preemie things and have graduated from the newborn size diapers.It feels like you have been part of the family forever. You like to shop. =)You still get up once at night. You are taking three ounces of soy formula with rice cereal about every three hours during the day. You still spit up occasionally, but your medicine has helped tremendously.You have a fussy time in the evenings. Your favorite pacifier is the blue one from the hospital. We really need to get a backup...a pink one would be nice. =)You cooed for the first melted my heart. I kept telling daddy "did you hear that? awww, did you hear that?"My favorite part on you...your mouth.
My other favorite part...your feet. I am full of joy over you.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Joys of Motherhood

The days seem to just fly by...half the time I forget even what day it is. My mind is always thinking, thinking, thinking "when was the last feeding, hot lunch or pack tomorrow, gotta put the laundry in the dryer, time to pick up Caedmon from school, oh, is it 4:30 already...what should we have for supper?". And yet, in those chaotic moments I feel such joy to be in this role God has placed me in as a mother...a peace in the midst of the chaos that this is what I was created to do. There is such a joy in serving my family. I love the craziness this stage of life brings...I love my job!!! She certainly looks peaceful here doesn't she. Out of the three kids, she has cried the most. Having her on a good schedule has helped give me peace of mind though.The umbilical cord came off at two and a half weeks and she had her first real bath. She loves bath time. One of her not so peaceful moments. Her face can get really red. =)
A family outing at the fair. So refreshing to get out and see other adults. =) I love this fair. You don't get very far before you see someone you know. We've pushed this stroller through this fair with all our children. What a joy to get to push it there again. Here's Caedmon trying the corn hole.Kaiya feeling giddy on the kiddie rides.

And our kids were finally old enough this year to try the boy scout area.
Kaiya and I participated in the parade this year and had a ball. Luca stayed with her first babysitter...grandma S. Caedmon and Dad were at Caedmon's soccer game, but caught the end of the parade and took this shot.
Luca doesn't seem to like this little mini swinging thing. I thought it would fit better in our small home than the full sized one. She still spends a little time in it each day.
Daddy time.
Mommy's computer sidekick.A Kaiya outfit.

A last summer fling while it was still somewhat warm. Our city has a lot of great parks and we checked out this new one with a splash pad. Kaiya was in heaven. She asks almost everyday if she can go swimming.

Feeding time.