Monday, July 7, 2008

Jumping Into July

Our weekend was jam packed with lots of fun, but work came before play. Friday the fourth was spent at home mowing, doing laundry and even a little painting. We've been looking at and pricing trampolines this summer and finally bought one last Thursday evening at Menards. That was the very first thing on Caedmon's list to accomplish that day. He was super excited.
Daddy had two eager helpers to put the thing together. I didn't take long at all and the kids spent the rest of the day jumping...and jumping...and jumping! The kids were hogging it the whole day and I finally declared that it was mama's turn...they were pretty impressed with my moves. :) I saw Caedmon trying to copy me later. Later that evening we headed over to my sister's house for a cookout and fireworks show. Shanna hadn't even made it home from the hospital yet because of a delay with one of Emmi's blood tests. She insisted that we go ahead as planned and they made it home around nine. She is so amazing, she even brought Emmi out to the campfire a little for her first fireworks show. I got to hold the little pumpkin...such a snuggler.
We got home after midnight and the kids and Kevin officially broke in the trampoline by sleeping on it that night. I slept in my warm bed inside...I really am usually more adventurous, but knew we had such a big day the next day and didn't want to take the chance at losing any sleep. Amazingly, they all slept the whole night.
We headed up to the lake the next day for a get together with friends and had fun day filled with swimming, boating, birthday celebrating, games & food. Thanks Ryan and Renee for the invitation. Their parents hosted the party at their lake house and really made us feel so welcome. Renee's mom, a former teacher, did such a great job with all the kids. She planned games and had a birthday party for her granddaughter...little princess Cora with gifts for all the kids as well. Kaiya was on cloud nine at the princess party.
We left around eight and decided to stop at Pokagon on the way home for their fireworks show at dusk. They're favorite fireworks were the smiley face ones. Caedmon fell asleep right before the grand finale. It was a big day for him. And once again we got home around midnight. Thankfully the service at church the next day was a Family Service at 10:30. A picnic lunch followed then home and straight to bed for us.


heather said...

Wow what a neat firework show. I've never seen smile fireworks.

Looks like a lot of fun at the lake, and perfect weather for the day.

Jack and Isabella were reading your blog with me and now want to come and jump trampoline. That would be there dream come true to get one someday. What a fun memory for the kids to sleep on it the first night! :) But I'm with you...I prefer my soft pillowtop mattress.

Guatmama said...

Oh - what a wonderful fun time!!! I loved the sleeping on the trampoline idea. But my absolute favorite is the one of you on the trampoline. You stole this post, mommy! That was an awesome post!

Grandma Ruby said...

Sherri, you have so many great photos of fun times. I love them all, and really enjoyed the one of you on the trampoline. Caedmon has a hard act to follow! Baby Emmi has a great support group of siblings, cousins, and all. She will surely feel loved at all times.

krista said...

It was great to see all the pics of the things we talked about. The tent looked great over the trampoline. What a great weekend!

Julie said...

Looks like you all had a great time over the 4th.

You all will really enjoy the trampoline I am sure - and it's great exercise :-) (We enjoyed my sister's)