Saturday, August 28, 2010

applesauce day

These are the kind of days I will remember forever... Days when the blessing of a grandma, mother-in-law and mom come together to help with a big project that would be overwhelming for me to do myself. So thankful for their help and so thankful for the joy they brought to our home that day. I wish I could bottle up the wonderful smell of apples cooking on the stove that filled my house that day.
So thankful for how they love on my children and are eager to hold them. So thankful for their patience with them...taking time to teach them new things. Great Grandma patiently sat with Kaiya when she got home from preschool and helped her with writing her numbers. So thankful for the sweet conversations with Great Grandma about my pregnancy and the stories she shared about her pregnancies.
Baby Luca even got to help a bit.
So thankful that my freezer is full of the delicious applesauce we made that day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Our baby turned one on August 19th 2010.

Dressed and ready for her party.

How could this be? One already? My mom graciously agreed to make cupcakes for the party...she's amazing. I made the toppers.
There was a pretty big threat of rain that day and it did rain earlier in the day. We prayed and God blessed us with an evening that turned our perfectly beautiful for our outdoor birthday party.
Entertainment for the kiddos.Sunday School friends...Kylie and KaiyaLuca getting some love from Aunt Sarah.Caedmon being silly with cousin Jake.


You have brightened our lives in so many ways over the past year, Luca Bella. One year ago your birth marked a transition for our family from sadness to joy. With two failed adoptions within four months time, we were feeling discouragement and despair. Sharing with Grandpa B.Then God gave us you. We rejoiced and thanked Him for this amazing priceless gift. Each day with you has been a gift...caring for you a privilege...watching you grow, a joy. Each milestone of your first year we joyfully celebrated along the way. Your brother and sister were your biggest cheerleaders. They took front row seats when you took your first bite of carrots, and sat up on your own. Daddy helped you learn to crawl and walk and mommy ran for the camera each time you did something new.
It feels as if you have always been here. God knew what He was doing and had a plan for you to be apart of our family long before you were born. We know that now for sure. And this shot will have to do for my five month belly shot. I thought it was a good enough side view. :)More entertainment for the kiddos. The bubble wall maker turned into a bubble bath for cousin Lincoln. :) And others joined in excitedly until soap got in their eyes. Uh-Oh.A gift from Grandma & Grandpa B.
Cousin Emmi giving you a tractor ride.More birthday lovin' from Grandma B.Happy 1st Birthday sweet Luca Bella! We love you forever.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Eleven months old...and you're walking.You have a great cheering club that was so excited to see you finally take off on your own. There are more bumps and bruises on your soft little body since you're still unsteady and learning. You are learning sign language and have caught on so quickly signing please, thank you, all done and even no. You say Da-dee (daddy) more than any other word. You also say mama, Kaiya, all done and hi.You said goodbye to your bottle and are doing great on regular milk out of a sippy cup. You also said goodbye to your pacifier...that was a sad sad day, but you're doing great.

I've been feeling great this month with the exception of the intense heat of this summer. When I walk my ankles swell and I've had some braxton hicks contractions. So glad the biggest part of my pregnancy will be in the Fall and early Winter months when it's much cooler. :) I've been amazed and fascinated by all the movement of this little guy. Usually in the evenings is when he's the most active. I love sitting down after the kids are in bed and watching Kevin enjoy feeling him move. It's fun to actually be big enough now for people to notice that I'm pregnant. I'm still surprising some at church and school that hadn't heard the news yet.