Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Nephew

We got a phone call yesterday morning before church and before Kevin even answered, I said "that's Lyndon"! Lyndon is his youngest brother and we've been anticipating the arrival of their second child for the past couple weeks. He called to say they were at the hospital and that Krista was dilated at 7 cm. It was hard to go to church and concentrate, but we packed our things so we could go straight from church.
in the elevator at the hospital

Baby Jeremy Matthias was born at 10:45 on November 2nd
weighing 7 pounds and 1 ounce

He is a bundle of sweetness!! The new familyIt was sweet to see how their little two-year-old Karis reacted to her new baby brother. She seemed to just be soaking in all the attention of having all of her family together. We got to all sing "Happy Birthday" to little Jeremy at her request.And here's a picture of Grandpa holding his ninth grandchild. Nine grandchildren, age 4 and wonder he has a smile on his face!!


heather said...

I wished after we left I would've gotten a family picture of at least Lyndon and Krista with their new baby. I wasn't thinking! You got a really cute one of the 4 of them. He is soooo sweet!

Julie said...

Congratulation on a new nephew!!! How fun it is to see new life :-)

Guatmama said...

How cute! 9 under 4, that's great...