Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of my most favorite things to do is sneak into my son's room on school mornings to wake him. I love to smell him, kiss his soft skin over and over and snuggle close. You see, this is one of the few times he lets me do that, so I get it when I can. I wake him at 6:30 am on weekdays. Then after he gets dressed, we tackle that hair on his's a work of art that I enjoy doing. :)

Then it's time to wake up the princess. She usually comes stumbling out all squinty- eyed and hair poofed everywhere while I'm working on Caedmon's hair. This is what I found this morning when I went into her room. Hmmm, where could she be?I see an eye.

There's my poof-haired beauty! This reminds me of something she said yesterday while Caedmon was at school. "Mom, you and me are both gorgeous!"

A little cuddle time this morning with brother.
After dressing herself, Kaiya joins Caedmon for breakfast. Today we had blueberry waffles, orange juice and good ole Shaklee vitamins. I turn on the radio tuned to a christian station and it stays on the rest of the day. My goal in the mornings is to get everyone ready including myself so that when we get back at eight from dropping Caedmon off, we can jump right into our day. It doesn't always happen, but today it did. Shoes on. Coats on. Backpack ready with a banana for snack and library book ready to return. At 7:20 it's time to get in the van. Pull out of the garage and park for our morning prayers and then we're on our way.It's about a fourteen minute drive to school in the country. We pass an Elk Farm and sometimes get lucky enough to see a couple of them on our way. We usually see several deer and try hard not to hit them. Today's conversation on the way to school went like this...

Caedmon: "I want to be a farmer."

Me: "That's neat"

Kaiya: "I want to be a police"

Me: "What did you say?"

Kaiya: "I want to be a police"

Me: "really?"

As we passed by some sheep grazing in the grass Kaiya asked "Where's Mary?" It took me a minute to realize why she was asking when she said "those were her little lambs."

Me: "Oh, those sheep we just passed back there?"

Kaiya: "No they're lambs. They have snow on their backs." (fleece as white as snow) :)

Interesting conversations we have on our way to school. I love listening to their innocence!

Time to drop Caedmon off. I pull in line behind the other cars and when it's our turn I help him get out. After a kiss and a big hug I tell him to have a great day. I've been wanting to catch this little wave on camera ever since the beginning of the school year. As he walks in he always turns around with a sweet smile and wave. I love it!


Guatmama said...

What a great way to remember your morning routine. Somedays mine are so rushed, I would die for time to take a photo. You've made me want to try harder...

Cottonista said...

Thanks for the peek! Kaiya has great morning eyes--all wide and sweet.

Hey, we wanna see YOUR morning hair too! ( :

I'll have to try getting the kids dressed before breakfast tomorrow. I like that. They'll probably wonder where we're going!

Jessi said...

Sherri...your amazing!!

Nicole said...

Hey Sherrie! What a sweet post! I love seeing glimpses in your day! And I love the wave from Caedmon! How precious! I try to get all ready before the kids are up as well, and our mornings go so much smoother! I missed seeing you in Sunday School this morning! I got called in to work from 6-noon :( so I missed it! And my sweet hubby got the two boys around and had some difficulty getting them there on time :) Hopefully I will see you soon!!! Miss ya

Grandma Ruby said...

So much sweetness in the morning! I'll think of you tomorrow when I try to roll out of bed and be cheerful. I love your organization and thoughtfulness, Sherri. Enjoy these special days with the little ones--time flies too quickly.

heather said...

What a cute idea Sherri, to snap pictures so we could see their first look in the morning. They are so sweet!!! Wish I could hug and squeeze them. :)