Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Caedmon's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast held at the home of Danielle, one of his classmates. The kids put on a little program led by their sweet teacher, Mrs. Rose. Our little turkey had the biggest head. Mrs. Rose had to bring tape along specifically for Caedmon's hat in case it ripped because of his big head and hair. He has been saying the last couple of days that he wishes he had straight hair. I told him I love his curls...that God made his curls and he should be thankful for them. It's neat because there is another little boy in his class that is tall like him and even has curly hair. They have become great friends. It was a great opportunity for Kevin and I to meet the other parents of the kids in Caedmon's class. We enjoyed a carry-in and man, there wasn't anything missing...everything from turkey and dressing to pumpkin pie.

Here's a video for the grandmas. :)

Pre-K Turkey Project - November 2008


cheryl said...

Mmmmmm....getting started early on the yummy eats! Looks like a fun time. Caedmon is too young to realize that girls might like his curls when he's older;)

heather said...

That does sound like one great carry in. Mmmmmmm!!!! Glad you got to meet and get to know the other parents. That always made me feel better to get to know the parents of my children's friends.