Friday, October 31, 2008

Grandparents Day, Little Trickers & Lots of Butterfinger Bars

Wasn't it just beautiful today here in Indiana? It felt like summer again...I hung out some laundry, took a short walk & opened the windows to let the warm fall air in. A great way to end October!! Today was Grandparents Day at Caedmon's school. Grandma picked him up this morning before school, spent the day with him there and took him to Arby's & Wal-mart afterward at his request. It was a special day for both of them.

And the weather was also just perfect for trick or treating tonight! No coats needed. This year was an easy year for costumes. We were able to use what we had which means more money in my pocket. :)

Let me introduce you to Peyton Manning and Princess Kaiya...
I love traditions and this year was just another repeat of last year. Trick or treating at the businesses in downtown Auburn, the Wal-mart scavenger hunt and supper at Wendy's afterward...oh, and all butterfinger candy bars go to mom. :)

The kids love trick or treating with their cousins.
This year we lost another older cousin to the world of teenagers (my niece Maci), but gained another little baby butterfly (my niece Emmi).


Jessi said...

What a fun day!! We enjoyed the beautiful weather too. You had adorable little trickers!!

Julie said...

I couldn't believe how beautiful the weather was.........such a treat :-)
Looks like the kids had fun in their costumes!!

Angie Keller said...

The kids are adorable in their costumes. Like you we also used costumes we already had at home. Austin has that same colts uniform. He wore that for a couple of parties, then switched to superman.

I cant even remember the last time the weather was so nice.

heather said...

Sherri, what a perfect evening to be out wasn't it?? You little football player and princess looked very cute. I love the color blocking picture you did. Your little neice butterfly was adorable!!!

Can't wait to see your new baby's costume by next halloween! :) Praying with you about your new little baby.

Guatmama said...

Love all the costumes, and when they are from home, even better!