Thursday, November 20, 2008

Simple Joy

I've already shared my personal opinion on snow, but there's something about the first snowflakes that fall each year...seeing the excitement on the kids' faces just makes me want to like it...just a little. This past week we actually had a little bit of snow stay on the ground. As you can see in the can still see the grass, but that didn't stop the kids from begging to go outside and play in it. All the gear had to be put on including boots, hats and gloves.
The trampoline made a nice ice rink for them. They stayed out there for an easily entertained.

Here are a couple pictures of my niece Emmi at four months. I could just eat her up...she's so stinkin' sweet! She's here every other Wednesday along with her sister Lexi. The kids ask almost everyday "Are Lexi and Emmi coming today?". I love the extra time we have with them and the opportunity the kids have to play with their cousins.


heather said...

What simple joys...and a little peace for mama....the cold days can get pretty long inside, can't they? It's so nice Caedmon and Kaiya are the perfect age to go out and have fun playing together.

Cute pictures!

Nicole said...

Emmi is getting so big, she is so adorable! We also hit the little snow we had full force! Sled rides and all which was difficult with little snow but they don't care :) Have a great weekend!

cheryl said...

I'll just keep enjoying the winter for you:-) Looks like the kids had fun even though there wasn't much. I'm looking forward to a serious dose of it, but now that I've seen it fly, I'm OK with waiting a couple weeks for several inches of it. Emmi is such a cutie. How fun to get see her each week!