Monday, November 10, 2008

First Flakes, Cheap Gas, Girlfriends & New Kittens

We saw the first flakes of winter this past weekend and it was oh so cooold!! I knew it was coming and it is getting closer to Thanksgiving...but after having a week of 70 degree weather last week, it was a bit of a shock to my body. I'm a summer girl. I did smile though when we filled up the tank this weekend for under two dollars a gallon! :)
On Saturday morning, I had breakfast with two great friends. We've been doing this for the past few years usually meeting at Cracker Barrel. This time, Julie invited us to her house and made a yummy breakfast for us. I love these girls and feel blessed how our friendship has grown over the years through doing bible studies together, taking walks, having breakfast together & watching our families grow. The newest member is in Janel's arms...little Maya is four months old now. Julie's daughter, Kylie, is the same age as Kaiya and they adopted her a few months before we adopted Kaiya. It's been fun to see them grow up together as friends. This is a picture of the girls together as newborns. And now, we are both going through the adoption waiting period together again.

I've been working on Kevin for the past year to get a cat...not because I like them a whole lot, but because of a little problem we have with small grey animals with pink noses and long tails. Kevin has always declared a resounding "NO WAY", which I can understand since he does have a mild allergy that flares up when around cats. But, when I brought it up again this fall, I noticed that he didn't reject the idea as quickly as he had before. So, three weeks ago we stopped by a house with a "free kittens" sign in the front yard in search of a kitten to add to our family. Instead of bringing one home, we brought home two and the kids (mainly Kaiya) have had fun playing with them. Kaiya will disappear and I will find her in the garage holding her kitty. It's sweet. Meet Jack & Abby...the newest members to our family.


Jenn said...

Oh how I wish gas was under $2 here.

Super cute kittens. We're planning on getting 2 for the kids soon. Shhh, it's a secret. Kael will be so thrilled. I can't wait. I love kittens/cats. (They will be outside though, since I don't like to clean up the hair).

Cottonista said...

What great names! ( :

Cats keep away snakes too. Supposedly.

heather said...

Sherri, I think I know Janell....Did she graduate from Sturgis? I think maybe in my sister Holly's class. She looks familar.

That's great that Kevin gave in. :) I love watching our kids with their kittens (cats-now) It's been alot of fun. But now that it's cold they don't play with them outside as much...and now the lonley cats scratch on the door begging the kids to come out.

Grandma Ruby said...

You could never give those kitties away now, even with the allergic hubby! It's love for Kaiya, you can see.

Julie said...

It was great to do our breakfast thing again!!!

I'm trying to talk Nate into letting us get a do you want to talk to him for me? :-) I love the picture with Kaiya holding both kittens -- what joy!