Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter Hike

On Sunday, our family took a winter nature hike in our woods. Kevin made a trail through it with his tractor a couple years ago. It was great to be outdoors as a family in the fresh air and the kids had fun exploring. We're usually in the woods during the summer and don't usually go back there in the winter. It was so peaceful & beautiful with the blanket of snow on the ground. Kevin pointed out deer tracks and bunny tracks.
Snow plus Kevin equals flying snow.

It's all fun though until someone gets hurt which is exactly what happened. Poor little innocent Kaiya got smacked in the face by a flying snowball thrown by her daddy. With a little comfort, she was soon having fun again.

Barkley was determined to be in this picture...he wouldn't budge.

We finally got Barkley to move and had him take this family picture for us. Very talented dog...amazing what he'll do for a doggie treat.


heather said...

Sherri, Great idea. Looks like a lot of fun, except when daddy hit Kaiya accidently. :( I didn't know you had a dog??? Is he inside?

Cute pictures. I like your new pictures on the dashboard of the blog. :)

Nicole said...

Sherri, your pictures are always so cute. I need to take a photography class from you and what an awesome dog we need to borrow him sometime. Does he clean houses to??

Sherri said...

Heather, Kevin bought our first dog (Dakoda) for me a year after we were married for Mother's Day. Last summer, we had to put her to sleep. Barkley is her son.

Dakoda was inside for a few years, but it just got to hard for me to keep up with an indoor dog...Barkley has always been outside. I feel sorry for him in the winter because we don't spend as much time with him. He's great with the kids.

Nicole, I wish he could clean houses. =) Can't wait to here all about your birthday trip to IKEA yesterday!

krista said...

I noticed your new profile picture and thought it was so good. I was glad to see more from that great day. Good memories, once again.