Monday, February 25, 2008

Roller Skating Party

Last night, our church had a roller skating party at Bell's Rink in New Haven. This roller skating rink has been around for years. I remember going there as a little girl when area church's would have a church skate night once a month and then when I was older our youth group went many times. Kevin and I even skated around that rink together hand in hand during our dating months...good memories. It was fun to take our kids and watch them learn to skate. We took Caedmon two years ago and he just wasn't ready yet and didn't enjoy it much that time. This time, we couldn't keep him off the rink. He loved it! Poor Kevin tripped over Caedmon one time and landed on the floor with one leg bent behind...skate wheels pointing up...bottom crashed down on skate wheels...OUCH! This was Kaiya's first time and there wasn't anything that was going to stop her from getting out on that rink with everyone else. She was so brave and did surprisingly well. For some reason though she wanted to suck her thumb a lot which she hasn't done for awhile...I think it made her feel more secure since her feet were unstable.
We invited our little brother, Immanuel along with his family and had a great time with all of them. Here is a picture of his oldest sister, Marquisha skating with Kaiya.
Kevin treated us all at the DQ afterward and moaned about his sore hiney all the way home.


Nicole said...

Sounds like so much fun! I would probably have done the same thing Kevin did and fall flat :) We will have to remember that great idea!

heather said...

Looks like a lot of fun Sherri.

krista said...

what a great activity to do together. I have memories of skating, too, and it would be fun to do with your kids.