Friday, February 8, 2008

Baked with Love

My mom came over yesterday and we baked Valentine cookies. I think Valentine's Day is probably my favorite holiday. I love having another excuse to spread a little love around. Caedmon has been talking about Valentine's Day since Christmas and asking if we could make some Valentine cookies.
Grandma Stoll also brought little Valentine treat bags for the kids...they were so sugared up last night, I thought they would never go to sleep.
Thanks for all your help, Mom! I love you!


Cottonista said...

Yum! I've been looking forward to making Valentine cookies again since the end of February last year! It's one of the projects I have planned while Jason is away and Mom is here to help.

Nicole said...

Those cookies look delicious! And Kiah makes them look even better! We are going to have a v-day supper at home with the boys and go all out with the decor and cooking thanks to your great idea I know you have done in the past! Keep those great ideas coming!! :)

heather said...

Adorable cookies Sherri. Your mom is so sweet, I just love her---You are so blessed!

krista said...

And those cookies were very tasty! Thanks for passing the love around.