Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Snowy Day at Home

As many of you know, we got dumped on again with several inches of snow earlier this week. The excitement of getting snow isn't quite there anymore as we draw closer to Spring, but when I woke up the morning after and looked across our land, it almost took my breath away...a beautiful blanket of white was over everything...every branch on every tree was coated. I just couldn't help but thank God for such a beautiful scene...even though I was tired of seeing snow, it reminded me of His ability to turn something that looks dead and barren into a beautiful masterpiece...and that is how he sees me even with all the ugliness of my sins. Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7

I've been teaching Caedmon a preschool curriculum this year at home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. He is doing so well and I'm amazed at how much he's improved over the past several months. Kaiya sits in on it too and participates right along doing her own little papers as well. We focus on a letter of the alphabet each week and at the end of the week they get to put an alphabet animal next to that letter on the alphabet train in Caedmon's room. It's hard to believe that it's almost completely full already.

I know these days of having the kids home with me all day and doing things like school will soon be over, so I try to really cherish it.

Another highlight of my day is when one of them wakes up from their naps and they're still a little sleepy. I scoop them up and head right for the rocking chair. Yesterday, it was Caedmon who woke up first...he's never been one to want to cuddle so I take advantage of it every chance I can get. Precious!

So we hung out a little bit before Kaiya woke up.

Along with the joys of motherhood, there are those days that it's not such a joy. We had one of those days this week. I call it Spring fever...the kids are getting antsy along with their mama and I'm running out of things to keep them occupied. I was desperate this week and saw an idea in a magazine to make a flipping mechanism to launch paper balls into cups, well I didn't have all the right supplies and it didn't quite work right. As I was scrounging around in the garage, an old marble game collecting dust in the corner caught my eye. I brought it in, cleaned it up and they loved it and played with it off and on for hours. It was Kevin's when he was a boy. His Grandpa Herman made it for him. Perfect! Thank you Lord for rescuing me with something to take the place of the failed flipping thing.


heather said...

Amen sister. We have spring fever too over here. I told Donovan last night as soon as this snow melts I'm hanging out wash no matter how cold it is. I just want to be outside. I loved the sweet pictures of your kids. Esp. of you and Caedmon snuggled up.

Guatmama said...

I love your ideas Sherri - I admire your resolve to be so creative and teach your kids daily!

Grandma Ruby said...

What fun to see Caedmon enjoying the same marble board his daddy used to play with! Moms can handle a little noise if the kiddos are having fun.

krista said...

What did you do with my little sweet Kaiya? She looks so grown up! I can't wait to see her tonight and hug her tight. I'll look forward to the high 5 from Caedmon. =) I head for the rocking chair, too. So sweet! It was so neat to see your school pictures. They are learning to much! We were cleaning out the storage room the other day and I found some Quints...5 little babies with all kinds of accessories that I had when I was little. they have definitely provided that new entertainment that we needed. Good thing my mom never throws things away. =)