Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma Lydia

Today would be my Grandma Lydia's 87th birthday. She died five years ago. I saw an idea recently in a magazine about remembering family members that have passed on before us -- on their birthdays. It gives you a chance to tell stories and show pictures of them to your children so they can know them too. You could even light a candle in their memory at the dinner table. What a wonderful woman my Grandma Lydia was...I can't even scratch the service of how amazing she was. A perfect example of a selfless woman of God. She believed in prayer and prayed fervently for everyone in her family. She loved to quilt and spent many hours making quilts to give to all of her grandchildren as a wedding gift...and there were a lot of grandchildren! When I was still in school, our family would spend a lot of Spring Breaks at their house. She lived in Southern Indiana about five hours was always warmer there...we felt like we were in Florida. We would make homemade noodles sometimes and there was always a big family get together when we could see all our cousins. I love her and miss her. Happy Birthday, Grandma!


Nicole said...

That is so sweet Sherri! What a great idea! Your Grandmas seemed like such a sweet lady!

heather said...

What a great memory of your sweet Grandma, Sherri. I liked seeing her picture.

Guatmama said...

Thanks for the reminder, Sherri. It is wonderful to remember Grandma Stoll. My memory is how she always seemed to be in the background, but had everything under control. A huge family dinner expertly came together at the same time when she was at the helm! Sweet memories.