Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Family Meal

Last year, instead of Kevin and I leaving the kids and going out for a Valentine's date, we decided to start the tradition of having a family meal together that day to celebrate all together. The kids loved it and Caedmon has been asking about it ever since that first time. We invited my Mom & Dad to join us this year and had fun lovin' on each other.I made a Red meal consisting of stuffed shells, corn & bread sticks. And for dessert, chocolate fondue with strawberries, pretzels & marshmellows to dip. I think this is Caedmon's favorite part of the whole meal and I'm not sure how many marshmellows (or mushrooms as he would call them) he dipped, but the bowl was pretty empty by the end of the night.
When I was still living at home, my Mom would get a Valentine's Strawberry Yogurt pie from TCBY for our family for Valentine's Day...they were soooo good! Over the years, she has continued giving our family and my sister's family one each Valentine's Day. Last year, they stopped making them. So this year she created it herself and it tastes exactly the same...even better. You are awesome, Mom!

A special delivery came during the day for me & the kids and made a beautiful centerpiece for the table...three red roses for me and a pink rose for each of the kids. I think Caedmon put a bug in daddy's ear. We were on our way up to South Bend a few weeks ago, and out of the blue Caedmon declared to the whole van that Daddy was going to buy me flowers for Valentine's Day. Neither of us had mentioned anything to him about was cute how he figured it all out on his own. They're beautiful...thanks Honey!

Later that evening, my sister and her kids stopped in to pick some things up and we were able to give the kids their valentine's from us.

Now tonight Kevin and I get to have a date night and I'm REALLY EXCITED!! Maci is watching the kids for us and the whole night is going to be FREE! She gave us a gift certificate at Christmas for a night of free babysitting and we have gift cards for a restaruant & a movie. I love FREE!


Guatmama said...

We had a family Valentines night as well - I made Chili -does that count for red?
Have fun on your date night!

heather said...

What a great idea....I think we may have done that one time too, but what a great idea to make it a family tradition...something the children can anticipate every year and look forward to. Hope you had a great free date!

and thanks for the sweet birthday present. I love it. You a such a great friend!!! Love ya.

Nicole said...

What an awesome meal, especially the chocolate fondue that is all I would need! And what beatiful flowers! Good call Caedmon :)