Monday, February 11, 2008

Parenting Perks

Parenting is a hard job, and somedays as a Mom you just don't feel like anyone appreciates what you are doing to keep the family running smoothly. There are those little things that your children do that put a smile on your face or make you chuckle and remind you that yes, it's all worth it.

Kaiya loves to brush my hair and I love it too. She runs for the brush whenever she sees me sitting on the floor. It's so relaxing and she is quite the stylist. Notice the headband across her forehead. Recently, I asked her to wash my back while I was taking a bath. She spent fifteen minutes soaping and rinsing. I kept asking her if she was done and she kept saying "not yet, mommy." Almost put me to sleep.

The kids occasionally will come out of their rooms in the morning already dressed. It's nice if you don't mind the ensemble they've selected. Kaiya will usually change clothes three or four times before the day is over.

Love those red shoes...and the shirt looks great inside out with the tag in the front!

We were at the library last week in the magazine section. I was looking for the latest Family Fun magazine. Kaiya spotted this one at her level and said "It's you,'s you!"

Well needless to say, I walked out of that library feeling pretty good about myself thanks to my daughter. Hilarious!


heather said...

Kaiya...what a sweetie. Love the headband. Reminds me of sweatin' to the oldies. Love the outfit, you are stylin'. :)
And the magazine cracks me up!!! WOW, Kayia you know how to make mama feel good!!!

Again...I love these little stories of your kids. It helps me stay connected to you. They are so sweet!! What a blessing they are.

Nicole said...

I love those pictures! My boys are running around right now with blankets tied around their necks like capes and my high heels. What great imaginations they all have. Kaiya dear, what good eyes you have to notice your mama on that magazine cover! That is so sweet and dear you look even better than Katherine Hiegel!!! What sweet children you have!!

Guatmama said...

One hot mama....

Cottonista said...

Sherri Heigl.

And are those Kaiya's squeaky shoes? I loved those!

Sherri said...

Nicole...I hope you got a picture of the boys...I can only imagine what they looked like. =)

Yes Joyce, those are the squeaky shoes that she wore last summer. I think Helen needs to borrow them, don't you?