Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Week

You're one week old today. I wish I could stop time during these precious early days of your life. This is my very favorite stage. I can't get enough of you...I've fallen in love. I love your sweet smells and the sweet sounds you make. I love your kisses on my face. You are a joy...such a easy baby so far. You rarely cry. You are still eating very well and fast...two and a half ounces and usually done in fifteen minutes. You are pretty consistent with a three hour schedule during the day. You are still a spitter...we keep the burp cloth close by. The once a day projectile vomiting has seemed to lessen. The laundry seems to have doubled though. You are still sleeping a lot, but have several wake times during the day where you open your eyes wide and follow my voice. You sleep well at night. Usually eating every four or five hours. Daddy helps with the night feedings too. You like to be swaddled tight in a blanket to sleep. You're starting to like your sponge baths better. We've caught glimpses of your sweet smile.

Your brother and sister adore you and are always concerned about you. We are rejoicing over your first week of life, Luca Bella


Guatmama said...


I love these last 2 posts. I love how this new blessing is just like your 1st to you, how you take to time to cherish her very presence. What a sweet time. Welcome Luca Bella!


Guatmama said...

Oh, and your photo editing software? Which one do you use?

Julie said...

Sherri - Luca is so beautiful. She looks so peaceful :-) I can't wait to meet her. Love the pictures you have taken!! Enjoy her!!

heather said...

We are rejoicing with you Sherri. She is so sweet!! Love her little sweet face. Great pictures.

Nicole said...

What a beautiful baby girl!!! You do an awesome job taking pictures!!!