Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Days at Home

Luca was welcomed on her very first day at home by family eager to meet her. Kevin's parents, his brother's family and my parents came that Friday evening to celebrate her homecoming. Meeting Aunt Sarah and cousin Easton

Cousin Easton & Caedmon

Mama taking a break to feed you...fills so good to have you home!!

Grandpa S. holding baby Luca
Kevin's mom brought supper for everyone. What a blessing and so yummy! Thanks Mom!!

Uncle Curt & Luca

Grandma & Grandpa B. getting to know baby Luca.

Your first days at home have been filled with lots of attention from big brother and sister. They are so eager to help, hold you & watch mommy take care of you. They have so many questions...and I love answering them. They hover a bit, but I adore seeing their excitement and love for you...their new baby sister.

The bassinet is finally filled. =) You sleep in mommy and daddy's room. I like having you so close for now.

Hovering again....you are so loved, my sweetness!

More visitors...cousin Rylie.

Cousin Maci So many have been praying for you. You were loved before we even met you.

I really wanted to make it to church that first Sunday when you were only four days old. It was tough getting everyone ready and out the door, but we did it. What a joy to take you to church to see all the people who had been praying for you...especially many praying just the week before when we weren't sure how the week would unfold. Holding you in my arms that day and worshipping the God who gave you to us was indescribable!
Family picture before church
By the time we got everyone home, made lunch and cleaned up it was already after three...wow...an exhausting day. Naps were a must. Daddy took his nap with his two little princesses.

Baby Luca in the doll crib. Wide awake after bath time.
More visitors on Monday Cousins Heather and Suzy visited for the day and brought a meal. What a joy! Thanks for the yummy food and great conversation...a tremendous blessing!


heather said...

Oh Sherri..what great memories from last week. It was so fun to be there with you and your girls!!! What a fun last 2 weeks for your family. I'm so happy for you and your new little Luca Bella.

Grandma Ruby said...

Jam-packed with joy, tiredness, laughter & love--bringing home a new baby! Photos are beautiful! The projectile vomiting reminds me of Joyce as a baby. We found she was swallowing too much air, nursing pretty fast, and had to be burped quite a bit. Don't know if that helps or not, but I recall the frustration.