Tuesday, August 18, 2009

summer...does it really have to end?

Summer is winding down. This little boy will start kindergarten tomorrow. I can't believe it. He's ready and excited. I will miss him during the days. He's looked at and organized his school supplies over and over. I'm glad he's so excited to go and hope it stays that way.
This is a day, a couple weeks ago, spent at Grandma's making applesauce. Feels good to have the freezer full again.We celebrated my niece, Maci, turning fifteen at the beginning of August. She's a real sweetheart. Loves the Lord and loves her family. So proud of you, Maci! Here's Kaiya getting her hair straightened by Maci...her dream come true.

And sweet little Emmi is walking already...where does the time go?
We were so privileged to have overnight guests at the beginning of August. Kevin's cousin, Randy, along with his family stayed at our place for two nights. What fun to get to know all of them a little better. So fun to watch the kids play together too. marshmallows & hot dogs around the campfire

Kaelin & Kaiya are a little over a month apart. I loved spending time with Jenn...catching up, chatting and getting to know her better...a beautiful person inside and out. She's quite savvy with saving money too and gave me some great tips. Thanks, Jenn.

Reece & Caedmon

Pool timeKaiya still is talking about Reece & Kaelin...wondering when they are coming back again.
I hope sometime soon. Great memories!
Later that week, we had a little get together with the extended family in their honor. Can't miss an opportunity for a girly cousin photo. =)Corn day was last week. That was one thing hanging over my head that I'm glad is done. My mom helped me and even brought along a babysitter for my kids. Lexi kept them quite entertained.The freezer is full. Now bring on the baby! Baby is due tomorrow. I feel like I'm six weeks overdue with the minutes ticking by soooo slowly!! I have a lot of fears this time. I wish I could look into the future and know the outcome, but I can't. So I will wait and trust what the Lord has in store for our family. We won't know how things are going to go until after the first 24 hours. Thank you to all who have called, emailed & kept us in your prayers! You have been an encouragement to us. Please also pray for the Birthmother & father...for peace in their decision. We'll keep you posted.


Jessi said...

Looks like you had a busy month...can't wait to hear about your news!! I'm praying! Thinking of you as you send your first born off to school tomorrow. Hugs!

Nicole said...

oh we are praying girl!! You are doing great with your preserving!!! I still need to do corn if it is not to late! And do share the great savings tips and bargains you discovered...gotta love great deals!! We still need to have our $5 girls nite :)

Cottonista said...

So who's the extra girly girl in the back?

Thanks for the pictures and the update!

Jenn said...

I loved the pics. Brought back such great memories. We had a wonderful time at you place. Thanks again!!!

I'm in love with that pic of Kaiya and I. She is so sweet!

Guatmama said...

Great post. I feel nice and organized. I can see that you have nested and are ready for baby. I trust the Lord will reveal his plan quite soon. I pray for you family, your hearts and your spirit.

Guatmama said...

i JUST got the news, you are on your way to meet baby!!!! Praying for you ....

heather said...

Just checking up on you from the Library...still no internet. URGH!!! How fun to read this post and know the outcome!!! GOd is soooo good. So happy for you and the birth of your new baby girl. Can't wait to meet her. Post pictures soon!

Great pictures. Glad you could get all your food in the freezer for your winter with 3 little ones.

Grandma Ruby said...

Sherri, you really filled the days with good, busy work. Aren't you glad now? So happy for the special time you could have with Randy & Jenn & family. It's funny that Joyce asked the same question that came to my mind about the girly photo! Yes, we are all so glad for the answers to prayer and will wait to see more updates here!