Thursday, August 6, 2009

Milwaukee Oh-nine

Since returning from our trip to Milwaukee two weeks ago, our lives have been kicked into HIGH GEAR!! I'm going to focus on pictures of the trip then give an adoption update at the end.
Company Zoo Picnic on Sunday eveningCamel rides at the zooSea Lion Show Our favorite ice cream spot at the zoo

Kaiya on the Titanic ride--she's so brave!
train ride around the zoo
What makes the zoo day so much fun is that everything is FREE!! All the rides, all the food, all the shows.

Day 2 in Milwaukee
Is he real?

Betty Brin Children's Museum
While daddy was in meetings on Monday, we used the free passes to the children's museum. Day 3 in Milwaukee
Water park fun in the HotelThat's my brave little girl.

Makin' a big splash!

That evening we went to dinner with friends at a very unusual restaurant called the SafeHouse. This was quite the amusing place. You walk in a room that has four walls with no visible entry to anywhere. Someone comes on a speaker and tells you that you need to whisper the password to gain access inside. If you get it wrong, which we did, you must play "ring around the rosie" which later we realized was broadcast on TVs for the whole restaurant to see. Finally a secret door slid open for us to enter. The walls inside the restaurant were full of spy holes and secret passages. After we finished our dinner and wanted to leave, we had to figure out how to get out of the place. It was hilarious and quite an adventure! Here we are outside the front door.

After dinner, we headed to the company concert...

featuring Danny Gokey from American Idol

...and Kool and the Gang.Milwaukee is always a highlight of our summer. It's exhausting with all the activities that we pack into those few days, but the kids will continue talking about it now until we go back again next year. They love it!
Quote of the day:
While in Milwaukee when we were in our hotel room overlooking the city Caedmon said:
"I love New York City!!"
Adoption Update:
Since returning from Milwaukee we've had two meetings with our birth mother. One of them was today. We got to meet the birth father at this meeting. It went pretty well and everything is continuing to move forward at this time. We were hoping the birth father would sign his papers today, but he decided he wanted to wait until after the birth and sign them along with the birth mother...a bit disappointing to us, but our social worker said this happens a lot and said she still feels really good about this potential adoption. We ultimately won't know until after the baby's birth and those papers are's so hard to wait. The birth mothers Dr. appointments have been going well and the due date is still set for the 19th. We appreciate all the prayers, emails & phone calls of encouragement. It's helping us tremendously through this anxious waiting period.


Grandma Ruby said...

Looks like a fun trip for all--a memory-maker. So glad you could have such a happy family time! We'll continue to pray for the adoption procedure: baby, birth mom and dad, and all of you who wait to receive this precious child.

heather said...

Sherri, So happy you got a family vacation...before the baby comes. :) Praying for you and that this is the one to join your family! LOVE you. Heather

Nicole said...

Hey girl we will continue to pray right along with you!! I can't wait to see and hold the new little one!!!

Guatmama said...

I love your posts, felt like I was on vacation with you! Still praying for baby.

Julie said...

It sounds like your trip was fun - what a great annual tradition! That's awesome that Kaiya is so brave ;-)

Continuing to pray for you and your family as well as the birthfamily. Time is coming close!