Friday, August 21, 2009

hospital stay and homecoming

Day TwoThursday was a day spent calling friends and family with the good news.
Do you think I look tired? Well, I am. =) On Wednesday night, we pretty much didn't get any sleep at all. I felt like I was way up on cloud nine...who could sleep when there's a tiny little miracle baby to hold and love on? Nurses continued coming in our room at different times that night to check Luca's vitals. I did all the feedings and tried learning Luca's best feeding methods. She's a very fast eater...sometimes done in five or ten minutes. She takes a half ounce to an ounce and a half every three or four hours. She seems to be spitting up frequently...sometimes projectile vomiting everything out of her tiny little stomach. Kevin ended up going to the van to try to get a few hours of sleep out didn't help much with people coming and going from the parking lot at all hours. Our eight hours of uninterrupted sleeping nights are over for awhile, I'm afraid. No complaints here, though. =)
What a joy to have our first visitors come to the hospital. My mom and sister brought the kids so they could meet their new baby sister. We debated whether to pull Caedmon out of kindergarten for the day....I'm so glad we did. His teacher was wonderful about it all. Throughout this adoption process, Caedmon has really wanted a little brother. When we found out about the baby girl we were supposed to get in January, he cried when we told him it was a girl. There wasn't any crying on this day...he was so proud and I know he'll be such a great big brother.I'm thrilled that Kaiya has a sister to grow up with. She will be a wonderful big sister. When she got to the hospital and saw Luca, she asked me "Can we keep her?"
Finally all together as a family of five.Grandma and my sister made a stop at the baby store on the way to the hospital and showed up with a big bag of fun stuff for Luca to try on.My niece, Lexi, was along that day too and was bursting with excitement. It seems to always be her turn to hold the baby when she's around. I love her excitement!Our tiny little hospital room became party central for a few hours. I loved it!

Aunt Shanna finally gets a turn to hold her new niece. She's been hoping for a little playmate for her one-year-old daughter, Emmi.
Emmi didn't seem too interested in Luca at first until she saw she was real and could move and make noises.Emmi's gift to Luca was a matching dress to the one she had on. I'm thrilled that these two little cousins will grow up together.

Day three
We got a few more hours of sleep that night. The nurses didn't need to come in as often and Luca went right back to sleep after her feedings. This is going home day!! Here's mommy giving Luca a bath and getting her ready to go home.She weighs 5 pounds and 11 ounces on going home day.
We were discharged around 9:30 Friday was a gorgeous sunny day.
I sat in the back with Luca...not because she needed anything...she slept the whole time. I just wanted to stare at her.
We stopped at a gas station and I fed her. Once we got to Fort Wayne, Kevin wanted to stop by his office to pop in and show her off a bit.
We stopped by Chick-fil-a for lunch then headed to pick up Kaiya at my mom's. Such a joy to have her out in public and know that she's ours.
We needed to make one more stop before going home. I decided it would be fun for all of us to show up at Caedmon's school as a surprise when it was time to pick him up. The look on his face was priceless. He was so proud for all his friends and his teacher to get to see his new baby sister.Finally home.
Later that evening we saw this double rainbow outside...a perfect welcome home for Luca and reminder of God's faithfulness.


Guatmama said...

Rejoicing with you!

Jessi said...

Awww how sweet....what amazing God we serve!! Hopefully your getting your rest!! Wish we lived closer I would love to bring you a meal.

Nicole said...

She is seriously cuter every time I see her!! Who knew she could be any cuter :) I love your new header pict. you can sure see the joy and excitement on all of your faces!!! God is so good!!! I can relate with the story of Caedmon wanting a brother! Branson is determined we are having a boy and Dawson is determined we are having a girl!! It cracks me up! I am sure they will be happy either way even though Branson my have some tears as well if he is not right! Also I forgot to call the church today so come Sunday I will figure out the meal thing for you girl!! We need our food!!! :)

heather said...

Oh Sherri, what a perfect ending to your welcome home...a rainbow. God's faithfulness then and NOW!!! I love your adoption story of Luca Bella. She is so sweet! Love you sweet cousin. So happy for you and your family.

Jenn said...

So I just spent the past 20 min or so, reading up on your blog. Crying, smiling, laughing, then sobbing when I saw the pic of the double rainbow and the verse. Beautiful! Our God is a Faithful Father and His blessings just never stop!

We love you!