Sunday, September 7, 2008

Laboring and Other Happenings

Can you believe that Labor Day has come and gone already. Yikes! Summer is officially over. Boo-hoo! I love Fall, but not what follows. My daughter keeps asking if it's going to snow today...let's not talk about that yet, OK?

Our Labor Day weekend was more about laboring than relaxing this year, but I'm not complaining. It was nice to get some things crossed off the list that seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. There is always something to paint, organize, clean and so on and I was excited that we had the extra day that weekend to tackle some projects around the house.

Three doors got a fresh coat of paint.

The lockers got a fresh coat of to black.

The shoe bench that Kevin made a few months ago (with the awesome assistance of his brother Lyndon) was finally completed with some touch-up paint.

This nifty little hanging rack was installed to get some stuff up off the floor.

The mini clothesline was finally hung in my laundry room (we bought it at the beginning of summer :)).
And lots of misc. cleaning and organizing occurred in the garage. I was a happy person. :)
We did have a little fun too. On Friday evening, Kevin took Caedmon and Immanuel on an airplane ride. I wasn't sure what Caedmon's reaction would be and asked him how he liked it. With excitement he said "I got a little scared when the plane tipped". They were able to fly over our house and Caedmon said he could see our dog, Barkley. Yeah, right.:) Kaiya and I did some shopping while they were in the air and then met them at Burger King afterward for supper.

Saturday morning breakfast made by daddy & company
And here are a few pictures of more fun at our house after all the hard work.
I can't believe we are getting ready to start our fourth week of school already. I have to say that I'm feeling much better about sending Caedmon. I absolutely LOVE his teacher and LOVE his school. He is learning bible verses every week, going to chapel, has gym class, computer class, art class & music class.

It seems like Caedmon has grown up overnight. I no longer walk him into school each morning, but simply drop him off at the door at his request. "I can walk in by myself today, Mom" he bravely proclaims. "Are you sure you know where you're supposed to go?" I reply. "Yeah, Mom...right beside the piano".

His school has high expectations when it comes to behavior and following the class rules...I like that alot. His teacher has a warning system that she uses...different consequences occur after so many warnings. Each day you go without getting a warning, you get a stamp on your hand. It took him a few days along with a few threats, I mean pep talks at home to realize and understand what was expected of him. He had a few warnings the first couple weeks and one day without a stamp. I was beginning to think that this was going to be a long year. Last week, he went the whole week without any warnings and proudly showed off his stamped hand each day.

Here are his very first official school papers he brought home.
When he comes home from school each day, he plays and plays and plays. It seems like he enjoys his toys better after not seeing or playing with them all morning.


Nicole said...

I loved this post! I am so glad Caedmon is loving school so much! It is amazing how much they seem to grow up after going to school! And how great that you got so much done on Labor Day! We have a big to do list as well! that is so sweet that Kevin took the boys on an airplaine ride! What a great idea! I never did ask how your movie night turned out a couple of weeks ago when I ran into you!

Cottonista said...

I can't believe I'm seeing my nephew's name on school papers! Wasn't he just a baby yesterday? Incredible.

cheryl said...

Organization is so much fun. It just feels good! I'm glad school is going well for Caedmon.

Aimee said...

Lookin good you guys! You mean so much to us! Thanks for all the encouragement, we have a baby girl!!! It's still hard for us to believe it! How's it coming for you and the next little one? Prayerfully waiting with you!

KB said...

You know, all that stuff in the garage just happened all by itself? Just like little elves came over one night and Wah-lah...done.

(:(Me):) said...

LOVE the organization!!! We put some shelving and shoe racks in our garage on Labor day too...must have been in the air! ;) How neat for the boys to ride in an airplane!! Theresa wants to take Alijah up...I am a bit nervous, but what memories!!

Grandma Ruby said...

I always smile when I read your blog, Sherri. It feels like a visit to your home. Looks as though things are settling into a nice routine for Caedmon. I'm afraid he's growing up too fast for all of us! Great ideas for spending Labor Day. Love you all!