Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Last Summer Fling

Last Saturday, we met my husband's parents, siblings and their children in St. Joseph, Michigan for the day. Whew! A two and a half hour drive up there meant we had to leave on a Saturday morning at 7 am. After getting up early for school this week it was a bit painful, but what a beautiful drive it was. Michigan is so green and beautiful right now and I loved seeing all the vineyards stretching for miles along the way. We also passed several little roadside stands selling fresh fruit and vegetables really making me want to stop...I hoped we would on the way home.

We arrived in St. Joseph and our first stop was The Curious Kids Museum. It was perfect for the ages of our kids and they went from one thing to the next. This was Kaiya's very favorite spot...we had to go back to it again right before leaving. She's such a water girl.
Curt and Kevin seemed to spend a lot of time here at the remote control trucks and I kept hearing Easton and Caedmon say "Can I try, can I try it?"...yeah this was a kid's museum right?
This was Caedmon's favorite spot...the Pirate Ship.
And here's another example of Kevin joining in on the fun at the "children's museum":)...swabbing the poop deck. I may act embarrassed at the time, but I am so glad that my husband jumps right in and plays with the kids like he does. They love it and so do I!

This was one of my favorites...the human size bubble maker. Sarah and I just had to try it too...too bad I didn't get a picture.Grandma giving Kaiya a lesson on tooth cleanlinessAfter the museum, we drove to the beach for a picnic. It was such a beautiful day with a nice breeze.

After lunch we changed and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the beach. The kids played and played and played and played. My daughter and son are opposite when it comes to feeling comfortable in water. Caedmon uses extra caution around water...not wanting to go too deep and like me, doesn't like to get The Hair wet. :) My daughter, on the other hand, would have drowned within two minutes of us being there if no one would have been watching her every move. I think my favorite part of the day was watching Grandma & Grandpa enjoy their grand kids. Before heading for home we all ate supper at Clementine's with sun-kissed faces and a big appetite. I also got to stop at one of those little roadside stands and picked up some peaches & corn on the cob. It was a yummy day indeed! :)

Thanks to my cousin Heather for helping me can the peaches on Monday! It sure was a treat to have you and your sweet kiddos here for the afternoon. Thanks again for your help and for encouraging me to get them done! Loved having you here!
Here's a quote from Caedmon recently while riding in the van...

Caedmon: "Mom, does God take care of me?"

Me: "Yes"

Caedmon: "Does He take care of Kaiya?"

Me: "Yes honey, He takes care of all the children in the world"

Caedmon: "He's going to rip!"


heather said...

What a beautiful day to be at the lake....great pictures of your family.

Loved being with you too, to do the peaches.....How fun to spend the afternoon together!!!!

Next time you need to stand in front of me. I look like a giant next to you. I'm already taller and then to have me in the front is like...."HELLO" there is a giant version of Sherri. :) Gesh. HA HA HA

cheryl said...

What a nice day! Of course I'm partial to Michigan, but isn't it pretty? Wd ate a Clementines in July when we rode the Kal-Haven trail. It was yummy! That picture of Kaiya in the bubble machine is adorable! Maybe sometime I ought to get a photo editing tutor session with you. I downloaded Gimp, but it must be user error. Not working so well:(

Kellerx4 said...

I have never been to Lake Michigan. It looks beautiful. You always get such great pictures. Your family is very photogenic. (i hope i spelled that right)

We too love the road side veggie/fruit stands. The best peaches I have ever had came from a Michigan road side stand.

Sherri said...

Heather, you crack me up!

Cheryl, come on over anytime. I would be happy to give you a lesson too. I know what you mean...gimp isn't very user friendly.

Good to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment on the pictures. I agree, the fruit up there is really good!

wanita said...

i always wondered if you were the blonde that kevin was all hiked up about? lol! yea i still remember that!! weird huh?

we're coming for the baseball tournament. central church, is that the one by 469? or am i way off on that?

Grandma Ruby said...

It was fun to relive the day in Michigan through your photos and memories, Sherri. Times like this are so special. Grandpa & I really did enjoy the day, athough Gramps got well sunburned!

Julie said...

What a great place to spend with the fam -- you guys always seem to go to great places.