Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Princess

Today is the day this little princess turned three. We celebrated princess style last Saturday with family at our house. Everything was outside and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day...the weather was great! I really could tell a difference in her awareness of what was happening this year. She has been asking for the past three weeks about her party and telling everyone she sees...including cashiers at stores, her Sunday School teacher, the lady we carpool with and so on. It was fun to see her excitement.
Aunt Sarah was the entertainment for the evening. The kids loved playing "break the egg" with her. Grandpa & Grandma surprised us and came by motorcycle. Grandma also dressed for the party theme again this year...she wore her frog shirt for the princess to kiss the prince. Last year they both dressed in red for the Elmo party. Loved it!For Kaiya's cake this year, I took the extremely easy way out...I decorated this muffin tree filled with cute little mini muffins made by my mom. I printed out "happy 3rd birthday, Kaiya", glued it on toothpicks and stuck them in the muffins. I also printed out a picture of the castle used on her invitations, put some pink jewels on and stuck it in the top. I like easy! :) Perfect night for a campfire.

The Friday night before the party, I was blowing up balloons and thinking "This is so nice that we are home tonight and I have plenty of time to get ready for the party". It was another beautiful evening and we were all outside. Kevin was trimming weeds around our trees with his machete. He found a praying mantis and to make a long story short, the bug bit him on the finger. He swung his hand back trying to get the thing off his finger and caught the machete on the way back slicing his finger. I heard the yell and shortly after saw him walking toward me holding his bloody hand. I couldn't look at it and basically ran the other way...I know...pretty pathetic. Kaiya, on the other hand, was very concerned about her daddy's hurt finger and stayed by his side the whole time comforting him. So there goes our nice relaxing trip to the redi-med and a finger getting glued back together and bandaged was what the rest of our night consisted of. Watch out for those praying mantises!

His sliced finger certainly didn't stop him from being the best husband in the world though. We went to bed after everyone left the party on Saturday leaving a mess in the garage and a sink full of dishes. I hate doing that and usually don't, but my tired body won that night. My husband woke up early on Sunday morning and cleaned up the entire garage and kitchen before I was even out of bed. That made my whole day! Thanks honey! You're the best!

Today I painted Kaiya's nails while Caedmon was at school...her very favorite thing to do these days. She told me she loved me three times today. I can't believe how big she is getting right before my eyes. She is developing a sweet and caring personality and loves to help me around the house with dishes, folding laundry and even mopping the floor. She's going to be a wonderful "big sister" to that new baby she's been praying for. Today she prayed a prayer from her heart before lunch for the first time instead of the famous "God is Great". Tonight we are having a special birthday supper for Kaiya at home and giving her the gift we got for her. I'm making taco salad, one of her favorites. We'll put a candle in one of the leftover cupcakes and sing happy birthday one last time for her until next year.

I love you sweet princess!

Happy Birthday!


heather said...

Happy Birthday Kaiya!! It looks like a fun party with your cousins and family. You are a sweet, sweet little girl.

Great job on the invites and decorations Sherri! You always do such a cute job of making a party special.

Cottonista said...

What a great birthday party! Wish we could have been there too.

I like how Caedmon was right there to assist with the candle removal, just like a big brother knows how to do.

Kevin, better watch out for those praying mantises. Doesn't the female bite off the male's head?

cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Kaiya! You make a BEAUTIFUL princess! The party looks like a lot of fun! I hope the next year is full of blessings for you!

krista said...

I have been watching all week for the pictures to see my little princess! They did not disappoint! She looked beautiful! Wish we could have been there, too. Looked like a great evening.

Carrie said...

Sherri, thanks for the blog comment! Your kids are just beautiful, and your little princess is just adorable!! :):):) How fun to dress up a little girl...maybe one day I can too. :) I'm more football-themed at this point... :)