Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Journey to Our Child

Back in April, with much excitement we announced that we were starting the adoption process once again. We proceeded from there to begin applying with an agency which included having our home study updated, filling out a stack of paperwork, making appointments for medical exams, blood work & fingerprinting. It's a wonderful feeling when that is all completed and you are just waiting. I've been sorting and reorganizing making space for this new little child that will soon join our family.

The kids talk about our new baby everyday through their little prayers or through questions trying to figure out how all of this is going to take place. Caedmon asked out of the blue the other day why my tummy was broken. Kaiya has been proclaiming over the past month that she has seven babies in her tummy. And they both have said that we are getting two babies...a brother and a sister.

Last week we got an unexpected email from the agency we applied at stating that the director will no longer be working their after the end of this month. This explained the lack of communication we had been experiencing over the past month. In talking with her, it sounded questionable whether the agency would even be able to continue at this point. Of course this was a discouragement and a setback for us at first thinking that we had wasted precious time and money with this agency when we could have been with another one.

After thinking it through, we felt at peace realizing that this is just one more step that God is leading us to the child that he has for our family. My sister-in-law compared it to having a miscarriage which I had never thought of, but having experienced that myself I agreed that it did feel that way a bit.

Kevin was able to talk with another representative from the agency and it sounds like they would like to continue with this ministry, but need to find another director which could take who knows how long. So, at this point we are leaving our profile with them but also looking into some other opportunities as well. We have an appointment to meet with an attorney next week who does adoptions locally that we are excited about. I'm not excited about all the paperwork again, but it is a very tiny thing that we can do to move us closer to our child.

We are certainly enjoying these cooler days. Last Tuesday after school, we meet some friends at the zoo for a picnic. It wasn't busy at all since most kids were in school. The temperature was perfect.

Here are the boys - Caedmon, Grant & Cole

Kaiya was a little outnumbered, but she fit right in with the fun.
This was the first we had made it to the zoo this year which made it even more exciting for the kids. They were pretty awestruck.

Thanks, Jenny, for a fun day and for getting us all in for free!

That was how we were able to have an ice cream treat.

And look who I got to have all to myself one day last week!
I will be babysitting for my two nieces every other Wednesday. Emmi is two months and Lexi is ten and both are as sweet as can be. Lexi even folded and put away a mountain of laundry for me while she was here.

As we wait for the child that God has for us, I am reminded of the sermon on Sunday at our church entitled "God's Perfect Timing". I will continue to enjoy these days with our family and wait and trust Him with that timing.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1


Guatmama said...


You have been in our prayers throughout this adoption process, the waiting can be tough. The not knowing why is even tougher. I am sorry to read this information, but trust that God will open a window where he has closed a door. Praying for your family and your hearts.


Kevin said...

Thanks for your post today babe! Missing you from here in Milwaukee! Thanks for all you do for our family and our children...they have the best mom in the world.

Your man. Kevin

heather said...

Sherri, What a disappointment about the adoption, but I loved how you turned it around and chose to see God still at work in this. I will be in prayer about this with you. Look at the 2 perfect children he gave you and be reminded every day that he has #3 already picked out for you!!!! Keep that chin up sweet friend.

The zoo looks like great fun....I do love these cooler days....even though I love summer too. :)

WOW! What a sweet baby you get to have once a week, and a bonus laundry folder. :) How great is that!!!

Hope all is o.k. while Kevin is out of town.

P.S. thanks for the sweet comment on the blog Sherri. You are a good friend.

Nicole said...

Sherri I am so sorry about the agency problems. I do know you have one of the neatest families and some child will be so blessed by you and Kevin some day! We will continue to pray for your family! And your niece is so cute, I can't believe how big she is getting!

Jenn said...

How disappointing!! I can see how it would feel like a miscarriage. Prayers go out to you and for the sweet baby that God is getting ready just for you.

cheryl said...

I'm sorry about the delay. It's good that He allowed to have evidence of His timing in print. It's so very true, but not always easy to accept. I'm enjoying the fall days too! Looking forward to Johnny Appleseed this weekend.

John said...

I wanted to comment when I initially read this last month but I got busy and am just now getting to it. My heart aches that you are experiencing this delay because I truly understand your heart longing for things to move much quicker. My prayers continue for you and your family. I continue to remind myself of God's perfect timing in my life in the past and trust that for my present and future also. I am glad that you were able to hear the sermon as you experienced the disappointment. Our God is awesome - awesome is Mandy's favorite word right now :) Sheila