Monday, May 5, 2008

What a Weekend!

How many things can you cram into a weekend? I felt like we filled ours to the max this past weekend, but oh did we have a great time despite a puddle of pee on the kitchen floor, a few attitude adjustments for a four-year-old and a frustrated soccer coach and mom! Friday night started off with Kevin's brother & his wife along with their sweet little girl coming for dinner and spending the night...and what a treat to have them all to ourselves! After tucking the children into their beds, we watched the movie "August Rush" (I recommend) with a few interruptions from my son who was having problems adjusting to sleeping on the floor in our bedroom. Poor guy got himself into trouble a few times, I think feeling left out because the two little girls played together more. The girls had fun, before bed, playing in the pack n' play and squealing...he wanted to join in on the fun, but was too big.
Saturday morning we headed to the soccer game ready to wear our proud parent badges and excited to have Uncle Lyndon & Aunt Krista along to watch our perfect little soccer player. Well, Caedmon is still learning the whole concept of the game and still confuses it somewhat with playing football...his all time favorite sport. It seemed at this game more than any of the other ones, he had problems with too much contact with the other players. Not sure if he was just so excited to have his Uncle & Aunt watching him that he just couldn't control his excitement or if all our parenting techniques just went down the drain that day. There are 4s, 5s & 6s on the team and he is one of the youngest but also the biggest so his maturity level doesn't quite match his size yet and it is hard for us and probably the soccer coach as well to keep our expectations at a four-year-old level...this is something we've struggled with for most of his life and something that I pray about not exasperate him, to have patience with him but at the same time knowing the correct balance of discipline for his age. One of the many parenting challenges that we all go through. I know that with the Holy Spirit guiding me, the Lord will be our helper.

That evening we had dinner at Red Lobster, Lyndon & Krista's favorite restaurant and they headed for home from there. The night certainly wasn't over yet for us...we picked up Immanuel and had a birthday party back at our house for him. He turned 10 last Saturday. We all watched another movie together and had birthday cake & popcorn. It really worked out perfectly for Caedmon this time because he adores Immanuel and finally had another boy to play with...he was extremely excited that he blurted out what we got Immanuel for a birthday present.
Immanuel spent the night and went with us to church the next morning. It was gorgeous that afternoon and the boys had fun playing a good ole' game of backyard baseball. This was Caedmon's first time actually playing a game and it was so cute after hitting the ball he would take off running with the bat, run past first base and keep on running straight as fast as he could. I love this really captured the moment of how much fun he was having.

On Sunday evening, I had a dance presentation at the city wide Global Prayer gathering. I've been dancing with the Restored to Glory ministry for five years and this is my last year unfortunately. I have really loved it...expressing worship to my Lord through dancing has really taken me to a whole new level of worship. With the busyness of our growing family and the beginning of another adoption, I'm going to take a break...maybe to return again later...hopefully. Our spring presentation is coming up in a few weeks. Here are the details:

Restored To Glory Dance Ministry Presents
"Sacred Warrior"
With Native American style dancing, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary!
150 RTG Dancers, ages 4- adult
Live music by Terry and Darleen Wildman of Rainsong ministries
First Assembly of God
1400 W. Washington Center Road

May 16 at 7:00 and May 17 at 1:00 and 7:00.
A free Christian dance presentation
Come celebrate the Lord in the style of our "first Nations people"!
Together may we Glorify His Name!

Whew! What a weekend...the kids took extra long naps today as a result.

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heather said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! You did cram alot into just a couple of days!!! Great pictures. I love the one of Karis and Kaiya snuggling. And of Caedmon playing softball. Great pics!!!!