Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Missing Daddy

This picture was taken a couple of Sundays ago at Daddy's request with his two favorite kids. It is very common for him, after dressing Caedmon on a Sunday morning, to pick something out for himself that looks just like what Caedmon is wearing.

Kevin has been on a business trip since yesterday morning and will be returning late tonight. I know it's only one night, but I started missing him the moment he left yesterday knowing that he wouldn't be coming home that evening. I missed hearing the kids squeal with excitement saying "Daddy's Home!" and running to the garage when they hear the garage door opening in the evenings. I missed his kisses of "It's good to home" that are passed around for everyone. I missed the relief of having someone step in and take over with the kids in the evenings...playing with them on the floor, giving them a bath and helping with bedtime prayers. And most of all, I missed the companion last night that I share my bed with that keeps me warm & feeling safe.

I was thankful for the countless phone conversations we had together yesterday throughout the day that came just at the right times and for my mom that stopped by in the evening after work bringing food and just sitting to chat.
Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder and reminds me of how much I truely love the man that makes my heart flutter everytime he walks in a room. It also causes me to draw closer to Christ and trust that He can meet all my needs and help me through. Miss you honey!


heather said...

Sherri, we are definitly in the same boat. Only my ride is a little longer. Ditto to everything you said. Missing dad over here too.

Nicole said...

That is so sweet Sherri! Having them gone certainly does make you miss all the small and big things they do and bring to the family!!

Cottonista said...

Being without daddy is very hard. I'm glad you only have one night.

Kevin, I'm glad you didn't pick out an outfit for yourself that looks like Kaiya's. Those flowers just wouldn't be as cute on you.

Kevin said...

Well at least I know I am missed when I'm gone! I am blessed..Luv my fam!

And Joyce, no flowered shirts for me. I do have a cool brown and green paisley tie on today that was accused of looking like a Vera Bradley purse. Oh well. Good thing I am secure enough to ignore that remark.

Guatmama said...

So wonderful and reassuring to hear your love for Kevin. Funny that your heart flutters, mine does, too!

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