Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grandpa is with Jesus

Grandpa Daniel went to be with Jesus this morning during his sleep in the home he loved and lived in for many many years...just the way he wanted to go. He was 91 years old and lived a long full life.
When I think of Grandpa I think of his endless teasing, woodworking skills, John Deere Gator, favorite table knife, pancakes, harmonica, milking cows and love for his family and the Lord to name a few.

You and Grandma Lydia are finally together again, Grandpa, and you are rejoicing in your new home today. I love you and will miss driving down the dirt road and up the hill that leads to Grandpa's house.


heather said...

Sherri, What a beautiful tribute to your Grandpa. How hard to say Goodbye I'm sure. Praying for you for strength in the days ahead. Love you cousin!

Kevin said...

It would have been interesting to know Grandpa Dan back in his prime. He has left such a great legacy behind. With a household of many children and a heart for the Lord, this man has shot his arrows far and wide across the USA. And lucky am I that one of them landed here in my heart in Fort Wayne, Indiana! Thank God for Sherri! =)

I love ya hon and I know you'll miss your grandpa. I have many good memories of going to southern Indiana with you to visit. He was an ornery guy that I could always joke with and I will miss him, too. I know he loved you very much.

Jenn said...

That was so sweet Sherri! I'm sure things are a quite a mix of emotions right now. We're praying for your family and you. Hugs!

Nicole said...

What a sweet tribute to your Grandpa! What a neat guy he was! Wonderful memories to keep with you forever! You'll be in our prayers!

Grandma Ruby said...

Sherri, You have such a heart of love for family and I know you will miss your grandpa very much. You have our sympathy and our love and prayers. Your grandpa must have been a very special person, as is evidenced by his tribe of loving children and grandchildren who will give him honor today. God bless you all. We love you.