Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Prayer Needs

We received word from my husbands uncle and aunt regarding his cousin and wife and young son on mission in China where the recent earthquake hit. It's center being Wenchuan County (where Chad & Jenny are) Aba Prefecture was hit quite hard according to news reports and all communications to the area have been cut off by the earthquake. They haven't heard anything from or about Chad & Jenny and their son Matthew. Jenny is also pregnant with their second child. We are all very concerned about their whereabouts & safety. Please join us in praying for this young family. This is a link to a news story just released on Kevin's Aunt & Uncle concerning the earthquake and their search for Chad & Jenny: CHINA EARTHQUAKE

Also, my grandfather is extremely weak and probably living in his last days right now. My mom and aunt are travelling today to be with him.

Thank you for your prayers!


Nicole said...

Sherri, you will all be in our prayers!

heather said...

Sherri, I hope you had a special day spent with your Grandpa and mom. How hard to let go.

Lifting up your prayer requests. Love ya.