Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother's Day Traditions

Here is a picture of my very first Mother's Day as a mom in May 2004. I had gone through so many previous Mother's Days just aching to be a mom so this was a VERY special day for me. We had a picnic at Pokagon and took our bikes along as well. A beautiful day!Since then, we've been going back to Pokagon each year for Mother's Day. Sometimes having a picnic at the park and other times eating the special Mother's Day Brunch in the restaurant. I love it there! Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for the idea...they've been going for years as well. This year we ate at the restaurant and had their immaculate Mother's Day brunch buffet since the weather was rainy outside. My sister (seven months pregnant with baby Emmi), my mom & me.
This day was also my niece Lexi's 10th birthday. After lunch, we had a little birthday party for her in the hotel lobby. Lexi is such a sweetheart and I love her excitement and energy. She always has a beautiful smile on her face and just adores our children...we adore her too!
This cool kid just got his drivers license last week!
The rain certainly didn't put a damper on our day. Kevin drove my mom and I over to the Outlet Mall right down the road and let us shop while he and my Dad watched the kids. Thanks honey! You're the greatest!
Here's a picture we took at home before church. Caedmon gave me a little present he had made at school (Parents Day Out)...a scrapbook with pictures of him throughout the whole school year. I loved it! Here are more gifts from the kids.

And from my sweet husband...a purse, some bath & body stuff and a foot rub when we got home.


Nicole said...

What adorable pictures! Your family get togethers look alot like our Yoder get togethers :) kiddos everywhere and alot of fun!

Nicole said...

Ok I forgot to mention your gifts from your kids are so sweet! Kaiya must have a really great sunday school teacher :) ha ha

heather said...

Sherri, what a neat Mother's Day. I like that tradition. What cool memories you are making for your children!!! The picture of you, your sister and your mama is cute. You and your sister look so much ALIKE!

Kurt & Aimee said...

I can totally relate! Can't wait to finally NOT cry on mothers day!

I'm sure we'll see our little one sooner than we think!

Got so much taken care of on our list already...fingerprinting, water passed the test, physicals, still need CPR certificates, fire safety inspection and our first homestudy is on Tuesday! YES! Been too busy with paperwork to work on the baby room, saving that for the waiting period. Ahhh.

How you guys moving along? Any news on the baby front?

Kurt & Aimee said...

Hey, if you see me at church I have a little something for you I've been carrying around with me. seems I just keep getting bombarded by people and miss seeing you guys. So if you see me I have a little something to give you!