Thursday, May 15, 2008

Answered Prayer

Received word this morning from Kevin's aunt that Chad & Jenny are alive. They don't have any other details at this time, but our family is breathing a sigh of relief. Thanks for your prayers!

My Grandfather is still holding on as well, but is very very weak.


Guatmama said...


Your mom is here now, and I know it is hard for her to see Grandpa like this. Lifting him up in prayer is important now! So glad your family is safe in China.

cheryl said...


Don shared this morning in church that your Grandpa has gone home. I'm sorry for your loss. From what Don said, it sounded like he knew Jesus. Besides salvation itself, I think that's one of my favorite parts about being a Christian. When loved ones die, we say goodbye for a time, and that's very painful. I LOVE, though, that we can know that we get to meet up again later, and for eternity, no less! Your family is in my prayers during this time of loss.