Monday, October 27, 2008

Date Night with Sarah Palin

Saturday night was a date night for Kevin and I. We left home around 3:30 in the afternoon and headed straight to the Coliseum for the SARAH PALIN RALLY!!! I was beyond excited and so thankful that Kevin was able to pick up the free tickets for us earlier this week. They were available on Thursday morning at 10:00. He got there at noon and the tickets were gone by 1:30.
Here is a picture of her arriving in Fort Wayne on Saturday evening just before the rally.

As we pulled in the parking lot at the Coliseum a little before 4, this is what we saw. The line went out to the road!! The next day, we read in the paper that this was the longest line Fort Wayne has ever had. My mouth dropped open and I commented to Kevin that it had to be a line to get into the building. He didn't believe me at first and said it was for something different...I was right. :)

When we finally made it into the building, we were standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people. It was tight and warm. Not too far from us, we spotted a Sarah Palin looka like. I wanted a picture with her so badly and was contemplating asking her when an older woman fainted beside us. The Sarah Palin look a like came over and tried to help (I guess she was a nurse). I was tempted to take a picture...would that have been inappropriate? Kevin said yes, so I didn't. Police officers, fire fighters and EMTs squeezed through the crowd to help the older lady and ended up taking her out on a stretcher. I felt bad for her. She didn't want to leave because she was afraid she would miss seeing Sarah Palin. I didn't blame her!!

I told Kevin about ten times that I was so thankful we didn't bring the kids! He got two extra tickets in case we wanted to take them glad we decided against it!! We were able to find someone else to take the tickets on Saturday morning.

One by one we filed through a security gate manned by Transportation Safety Administration personnel. Then we moved to another area where, with arms outstretched, we were scanned by Secret Service members with a security wand. We emptied our pockets and they went through my purse. We made it to our seats by 6:00...two hours from the time we got out of our car in the parking lot!!!
Hank Williams Jr. revved up the crowd with some music.
Sarah and part of her family walking out on stage
The coliseum was packed with over 15,000 people.It was sooooo worth the wait to see Sarah come out on that stage with her family. My sister asked me what some of the highlights were for me. I loved seeing her family with her. She was genuine and real. I loved her spunk. When she talked about her stand on the value of innocent human life, everyone rose to their feet and the crowd roared...that was my most favorite part of the speech.
Here's a short video of Sarah at the beginning of her speech.


Guatmama said...

That great Sherri. It is so important for us to know where our candidates stand on issues like abortion. There was an article in our paper by right-to-life on this - I cut it out and memorized the candidates stance - it's enought to win my vote!

Jessi said...

Sherri, This is just to funny. We watched it from home and I told Jeremy "I bet Sherri and Kevin are there".. he thought I was crazy for assuming so I watched for you just in case I would happen to get lucky and see you but never did. And I was going to ask you if you went when I wrote you this morning and forgot. It looked like alot of fun Jeremy thought about getting tickets but they went so fast. Glad you had a good time. just had to share that.=)

heather said...

I WOULD HAVE LOVED to see Sarah live. She is an awesome speaker. Glad you go to go.

Nicole said...

Oh my heart breaks watching it :) I so wish we could've been there but our little man just had to turn 3 on saturday, go figure!! Thanks so much for thinking of us though! I am so glad we were able to watch it at home on tv while Branson opened his presents (and of course he had our undivided attention ha ha!)I am so glad you had a great experience! Lets hope and pray we can be seeing a lot more of her soon!!!