Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Saved Big Money at Menards

Or as Caedmon would say "save big money at the nards." :) Kevin gets a good laugh out of that.

I found an idea in a magazine for cheap bookshelves for the kids rooms. They both like to look at books when they go to bed at night and I've been looking for a way to neatly store their books beside their beds for a long time.
These shelves are made simply from a rain gutter. We bought a ten foot long gutter at Menards on sale for $4.99 last Friday and Kevin had three shelves made and hung by Saturday. Projects around here just don't get done that fast, so that tells you how easy it was and super cheap...I love cheap! We even found out later that we could send in for a rebate of $3.00 which made it only $1.99 and we got three shelves out of it. We also had to purchase the brackets & end caps which was additional and made them come out to about seven bucks for each shelf total.

And here are some sweet pictures of the kids reading together. We LOVE the library and are usually there a couple times a week. I love seeing their excitement over books & reading.

And finally another verse...Daddy's favorite..."I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength" Philippians 4:13.


heather said...

Too cool SHerri. Wish I would've known about this about 4 weeks ago. That's when Donovan purchased all the materials for bookshelves for beside the girls' beds. But alas, all materials are still sitting in the garage.

Maybe we can use this idea for the boys' room.

Great idea!!!

krista said...

Lyndon would appreciate the nards comment. I think Caedmon coined it one weekend when Lyndon was around. It stuck! that was awhile ago. And the bookshelves look great. Karis loved playing with Sadie's books on her wall and I am sure we will have to adapt to something like that one day.