Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Each year our church has a "missions emphasis" weekend where we host different speakers and promote mission awareness. A couple years ago we heard a speaker that weekend that challenged us that everyone can be a missionary. Many feel the call to go somewhere else, maybe oversees, but the rest of us can still make a difference right where we are. It really challenged Kevin and I that we needed to do something...something we could all do together as a family. We took a few months to think and pray about it and decided to join the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. With the busyness of our young family, I wasn't sure how it would all work's worked out great! We've been mentoring Immanuel for a year now and what a blessing it has been to our whole family. Caedmon talks about Immanuel all the time and looks forward to our times together with him. We usually try to get together every other weekend and this past weekend we went to The Dome (an indoor multi sports center) and played mini golf. I spent most of my time chasing Kaiya around afraid that she would fall in the water and drown, but the boys had a ball hitting balls. This hungry clan went to Pizza Hut afterwards and almost demolished two large pizzas. This pictures cracks me up. I told everyone to make a silly face not expecting little Kaiya to join in...but she did. :)


cheryl said...

How fun, Sherri! The funny thing about mentoring, is that often the one that does the mentoring not only does a lot of learning, but they also end up getting as much or maybe more benefit. Good for you for including your whole family. If the kids learn it young, they'll continue it when they're adults as well.

Nicole said...

That is so neat Sherri! How did you get hooked up with him? I've heard big brother/big sis! What an awesome thing for a family to do!

Cottonista said...

Two large pizzas! Wow--I guess that's what I have to look forward to.

heather said...

I can't believe you guys ate all that pizza. We have 6 and can not eat one large!!!

Such a neat thing you are doing with Immanuel. Looks like your family had a great time.

Sherri said...

We just contacted Big Brothers Big Sisters and they provided the match for us.

They had a special on two large and we ordered extra thinking we could get another meal out of it that week which we did. I think Immanuel ate the most...I don't know where he puts it. :) We were all pretty hungry that night though.