Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stop and Smell the Roses

Yesterday while Caedmon was at school Kaiya and I came back home and cleaned the house. It was gorgeous outside and who wants to clean when it's 70 degrees, but it needed to be done so that is what we did. All the windows were wide open so we could at least smell the beautiful air. Kaiya loves to help mommy clean and sometimes I get in my "just want to get it done as fast as I can" mode and shew her may sound silly, but lately the phrase "stop and smell the roses" has been on my mind a lot. Partly because I have a miniature rose plant sitting on the window sill in my kitchen that was blooming beautifully this past week and also because I read in a friends blog that exact same phrase this week. I kept walking past the plant thinking "I should smell those", but several times I had a task on my mind that I wanted to complete and didn't take the time. Finally one day toward the end of the week I took the time and enjoyed their fragrance.

Back to the cleaning...yesterday that phrase spoke to me again as I was shewing my daughter away...probably the Holy Spirit speaking. "Stop and smell the roses...look at the little rose in front of you right now begging for your attention...take the time to include her in what you are doing." I got down at her level and saw her sweet little face and heard her sweet little voice talking to me and thought to myself "I wish I could freeze this stage of her life...her precious little baby face, her sweet little voice using the "t" sound in place of the "c" sound when she talks, her soft curly baby hair and miniature little will all be different in a few years. It's overwhelming at times with all the responsibilities of being a mom and sometimes hard to stop and enjoy those little moments...I wouldn't trade this job for anything.

Here's a video clip of mommy's little helper.


Amy said...

Thanks for this may seem simple, but I was meant to read this one!

heather said...

Great reminder Sherri. I feel the same just want to accomplish the task at hand. But good reminder to cherish this sweet to hear those words and sentences start to form. I love the toddler stage at times, but then the next day I just want to get my work done.

Great post.

Cute video!!!

Cottonista said...

Thanks for the reminder!

I love Kaiya's little shirt snap-flap. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lets those go sometimes!

Nicole said...

what great encouragement! It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in what I am doing and forget to embrace those learning moments! I am always encouraged by your blogs! Your a sweetie!

krista said...

that will be a great video reminder for Kaiya when she is older and doesn't want to help clean anymore. =)