Friday, October 1, 2010

one-year-old on the go

There she goes again! This was how most of the photography shoot went that day. Putting her somewhere for somewhat of a pose....then through the camera this is what I would see...a little one-year-old running in the other direction. Thankfully Daddy and her brother and sister were there to help distract her at times while I got a few shots. This one is my favorite. :)
She's one and on the go more than ever. She loves to explore her world. She's talking more and more everyday. She says, "amen", "bible", "baby", "Grandpa", "mama", "daddy", "bye", "hi", and tries to repeat anything we say.She is daddy's little girl. She cries for people she doesn't know well and even those she does know. This is so hard for me since the other two were so different and went to others so easily.
She weighs 22 pounds and is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight.
She loves to eat and thinks she has special privileges on what anyone else may be eating. :) She does not like playpen time, the nursery at church or taking long naps. We're working on all of these right now in these last few weeks before baby boy comes along. She's making strides...and we know this too shall pass :)
She is loved beyond measure...a jewel in our family. We love her so passionately...all of us. She makes us laugh, makes us do funny things to make her laugh, melts our hearts when she talks with her high-pitched little voice.
And we can't imagine life without her.


cheryl said...

Oh goodness, she's just precious!

heather said...

We love her too!!! I would love to hear her say all those words!!! <3

Nicole said...

She is such a sweetheart!! I still love the fact that she barely cried for us :) Not rubbing it in but it sure did melt my heart :) so anytime you need a babysitter again for those sweet kids you know who to call :) by the way thank you so much for the bag of goodies! it did not last long!! That was so thoughtful of you!! The cookies were amazing!! Is that a recipe you share?? if so I would LOVE to have it!!

Grandma Ruby said...

Dear baby Luca, you are a very special gift to your family and to Grandpa & me. We love you so much! These photos capture her vivacious spirit so well. Love you, little sweetheart!

Jessi said...

How adorable....Sherri you do amazing work!! You have been blessed!