Monday, September 27, 2010

right before our eyes

She's growing up right before our eyes. Kaiya learned to ride her bike without training wheels late this summer. This photo is quite funny to me. Luca decided to walk right in her path and Kaiya was inches from running her over. Daddy and Caedmon are frantically watching from behind. Luca is oblivious. Thankfully Kaiya just missed her sister and all was well. :) Thankful to see all smiles instead of tears in this photo. :)I loved how big brother took interest on his own in trying to help his sister that day.

With such a great accomplishment came the reward of an ice cream treat. Kaiya turned five recently. We went out and celebrated as a family on the big day. She chose to see a movie and eat at a burger and fries restaurant. We continued celebrating the next day with a small party. Kaiya ordered a pink cake. Can't believe this girly is five...although at times it seems like she is a mini-teenager. Her interests now are make-up, drawing and making crafts, baking cookies and helping in the kitchen, writing letters and numbers and riding her bike. She doesn't play with her dolls or any toys for that matter.She loves her grandparents.A gift from Grandma B.She loves her daddy.
We discovered recently that she had a loose tooth. She's been waiting for this day for a long time. In fact the very next day after we realized the tooth was loose, she wanted it out it came. Within a week or so the one next to it came out too.
I love how eager and willing that Kaiya is to help out when I ask her...with the exception of folding socks. :) I love how she makes friends wherever she goes. She takes me out of my own comfort zone many times because of her boldness and love of people. I love that!I love her giggle, her smile...the brightness and sunshine that she adds to our family. I love her love of learning. She started reading at the end of summer. She's been spelling words, doing math and writes numbers and letters almost every day.Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Kaiya!


heather said...

Awww..what a cute post Sherri. She is such a doll. I can hardly believe she is 5~ Wow! She will be in school next year!!!! Amazing.

Grandma Ruby said...

Kaiya, you are growing up so fast! I loved the bike-riding movie. What a dear outgoing beauty is Kaiya! What would we do without her! She is just a bundle of love.