Wednesday, October 13, 2010

six and a half

He's six and a half...almost seven. He's a deep thinker...sensitive. When he was two, I thought he would be the strong-willed child. It turned out he was just being a boy and really has a pretty soft and sensitive heart. He likes people, but it takes him longer to warm up and talk to others he doesn't know very well. He loves it when the family is all together. He likes to play by himself and can spend hours in his room building some amazing Lego structures.He's been so sweet through my excited, asking lots of questions and talking to his baby brother. He loves to draw and has made books for me and Kevin. Books about when I deliver the baby at the hospital and books of him with daddy going hunting.

He made these praying hands at church and was supposed to draw pictures of things he would like to pray for. He chose to pray for his mom with the new baby growing in her belly and his church.Here's a closer look at the drawing of me with baby inside. I love it!He keeps us laughing. I love his sense of humor and joy. He's loud...very loud. :) Funny how his personality is such a mixture of quiet sensitivity and loud excitement at the same time. I love how God designs us all so unique.He loves sports. Loves watching football with his dad. He played on a team this Fall. He did great...scoring several touchdowns at each game.

He plays well with his sisters, well not always. He likes to tease, which causes little girlys to squeal.
He loves to read...especially books about animals. He knows all kinds of facts about animals that Kevin and I don't know. It amazes me when I think back to last year...reading did not come easy for him and it was a challenge to make him practice. He made huge progress over the summer and now his teacher tells us she has to make him put books down at school.

I love this boy that is quickly growing into a young man. So proud of him.


Guatmama said...

Isn't he the perfect big brother. I love how God had that planned out all along!

Cottonista said...

What a great kid! I love that boy. Sherri, you are always an encouragement to me to look for positive character traits in my children. So often I focus on what I think needs to be "fixed," and miss the good stuff that is going on.

heather said...

I 2nd what Joyce said. It's easy to get caught up on the "what needs improvement" but this is a great focus on ALL THE GREAT THINGS. What a handsome little man you have.

Nicole said...

He is such a sweetheart!! I loved reading all about him! Reminds me a lot of Dawson!! I love the picture he drew! He will be such a good helper with the baby I am sure!!