Sunday, June 6, 2010

class of 2010

My nephew, Jake, graduated from High School this year. He's the first grandchild to reach this big milestone in our family. I remember the excitement of his very first nephew. We were all on cloud nine. I was a junior in High School and my mom pulled me out of school so we could all be at the hospital for his birth. It was a VERY BIG occasion.
I spent the night at my sister's house many nights and even joyfully took the night feedings to give her a break. Watching him grow...we just couldn't get enough of him. He was a little ham from the beginning and continues to have a hilarious sense of humor that adds so much to our family. We loved him so much. And here he is on his graduation day...where did the years go? We still love him so much and are very proud of the man he is becoming.

Time to get ready.Grandma's pride and joy.The big moment.We had two graduations this year in the same week...high school and kindergarten. Jake and Caedmon seem to have a special bond. They are the only grandsons in our family and they are both the oldest. Caedmon just adores Jake...pretty cool that they both had graduations this year in the same week. Jake is so creative and talented in so many areas...especially when it comes to any type of music or instrument. He will be pursuing a degree in Music at a local college this Fall.
Mom and I made these chocolate covered strawberries for his big grad party. It was fun and so fitting for Jake. He loves to dress up and has been known for wearing suits and ties to school or any chance he could get. Mom used her amazing talent with an array of desserts and I added the cupcake toppers.

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heather said...

Very very cute desserts, I thought that was your handy work when I saw them on facebook. :)