Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day and the Big Announcement

Father's Day eager to present daddy with their gift. It was a pretty exciting day for our, on Father's Day, we would share the BIG secret we had been keeping to ourselves for fourteen weeks...we would finally share the news of our miracle pregnancy with our families. We couldn't wait...and here was how we were planning to do it. First stop...a campground where my sister and her family had been camping for the weekend. My parents came along with us. We were planning to have a brunch. As soon as we got out of our van to greet them, Kaiya got a dog bite. Poor girl...we had to take her to the ER for stitches. Three and a half hours later....we were back at the campground and almost ready to burst with our news...and finally being able to share the joy was so much fun and such a relief.I had to throw a few hints to my mom as she was holding Luca...looking at her shirt...reading it several times and still not quite getting it. :) Poor baby Luca didn't know what in the world was going on...we scared her half to death with all the screeches of excitement and commotion. She went into full blown crying mode.My niece, Maci, was the first to catch on. She had been suspecting it for a few weeks because of my growing waistline...she is so observant.
Next stop...Kevin's parents house for a Father's Day picnic...arriving a few hours late because of our little hospital emergency. And a few hints had to be thrown out with Kevin's family as well...overall unanimous response was that most were speechless. So fun to see the looks of unbelief and surprise on the faces of our family. Lots of hugs followed. And our little brave girl still had a very fun day despite her injuries.

What a day to remember. :)


Grandma Ruby said...

What fun to have a rerun of the day you shared your miracle news with us! Still almost speechless.

Guatmama said...

I saw your mom this weekend (and gave her a sweet hug) and she was still speechless, too! She told me how she thought that you had Luca dressed in one of Kaiya's old shirts...ha ha! That's funny

Nicole said...

girl I am still smiling ear to ear!! so so so happy for you guys! I LoVe the sweet pictures of Luca :) so adorable! so glad you had such a great fathers day despite the dog bite! So preggo mama where should us girls eat next?? We need to plan something!!

heather said...

Poor Kaiya. :(

What a fun share your big news. Now I want to see another baby bump update picture. :)