Sunday, May 30, 2010


Every Friday was a day that Kaiya looked forward to each week this past school year. It was her "school" day where she got to play with her friends and most importantly pack her lunch. It was a day I looked forward to as well. Luca and I would run errands on those days.
Here she is in her little program on the last day of school.Kaiya with her teachers...Mrs. Mooreheadand Mrs. Skinner. As I thought about Caedmon's school coming to an end this year, I also thought about the days with Kaiya at home all day with me coming to an end as well. She will start Pre-K in the fall....everyday for half the day. I will miss her terribly, but am excited for her as much as she is. She is ready. Here she is on our last full day at home together while big brother is in school.
What a big helper she is to me. She helps me so much with Luca...getting bottles, diapers and entertaining her. She helps me with laundry folding, dishes, sweeping, feeding pets and is always so eager and happy to do something if I ask. I appreciate her so much and will miss her cheerful and helpful little self during the mornings next year!
We had school together at home each day. She learned her letters and sounds this year and is beginning the early stages of reading. She is writing her name well.

Quote of the day:

While sitting at a stoplight on our way to a Dr. appnt...

Kaiya: Mom, are you texting and driving?


Kaiya: Are you a Christian?

Light turns green.

Me: Kaiya, I was texting while I was waiting for the light to turn green...I was not texting while I was driving.

....and yes, I'm a Christian. Why do you ask?

Kaiya: Only Christians are allowed to text and drive.

Me: Who told you that?

Kaiya: Daddy.


Jami said...

They grow up so fast. I try to cherish each moment with them. I love reading your posts Sherri. :)

heather said...

Hmmmmm...where did Daddy get that idea from??? I guess he likes to text and drive?

What a cutie that little girl is.

Cottonista said...

Hmmm...text and drive only if you are prepared to meet your maker? Kaiya! What a cutie!

Kevin Bontrager said...

Ha ha. Kaiya is right on. Interestingly, there was a church marquis sign that read something to this effect...something about Jesus reigning?? and then 'Text and Drive if you want to meet Him sooner'. Butchered that but you get the point.